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Genshin Impact | How to Get Crystal Chunks

Crystal Chunks

Crystal Chunks, like with other resources in Genshin Impact, can be used for crafting. However, these items can be crafted into a special ore called Mystic Enhancement, which can later be used to upgrade weapons in the game. This guide will explain where to find and how to farm Crystal Chunks.

How to Get Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Crystal Chunks

Finding Crystal Chunks is a relatively easy task, as you can usually get them in the various caves and mountainous zones in Genshin Impact. There are two specific locations where you can effectively farm the materials, and you can find both if you check the list below.

  • Stormterror’s Lair: Before you can farm around this area, you will need to first progress far enough into the main quest line where this zone becomes unlocked. Once it is unlocked, you can find Chunks mounds in the main area of Stormterror’s lair.
  • Liyue: In the Mountain areas of Liyue, you can find Crystal Chunks, and if you check around ledges here, you can also find Cor Lapis.

As a side note, you are going to want to look for some light blue crystal mounds. When you find one, you are going to need to break it in a special way. You are need to use heavy weapons such as the Claymore or bombs, or even Geo abilities.

Besides finding and mining the stuff, there is another way to farm Crystal Chunks, and it is through Expeditions. Expeditions are where you send one of your characters off to gather up resources and make money. Of course, in order to send characters off on Expeditions, you are going to need to reach Adventure Rank 14. After that, visit any Adventurer’s Guild and speak with Katheryne and choose the dispatch character on an expedition option.

We hope this guide helped you out in getting Crystal Chunks. But before you jump back into the game, be sure to check out some of our other guides for Genshin Impact:

Written by Andrew Smith