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Gotham Knights Knighthood Suit | How to Unlock

Gotham Knights Knighthood Suit - How to Unlock

Unlike the other outfits in Gotham Knights, the Knighthood suit isn’t unlockable during general gameplay. By advancing through the Case Files, side activities, and premeditated crimes, players will naturally acquire more suits to swap out for their characters. However, this isn’t the case with the Knighthood suit, which is the last one in the Styles category where you can view all of your different styles. So, what does it take to earn it? Find out below.

How to Unlock the Knighthood Suit in Gotham Knights

How to Unlock the Knighthood Suit in Gotham Knights

To unlock the Knighthood suit, you’re going to have to finish up the main story of the game. Only then will the suit be available to you and the other members of the Bat Family. It’s the endgame reward for completing all of the primary Case Files for the game’s narrative. Compared to the stock suits from the beginning, these upgraded Knighthood outfits signify the long journey our heroes have endured since Batman’s passing.

As aforementioned, the Knighthood suit sits in the last position of the Styles category. To see which outfits you have unlocked, go to the Gear tab in the Batcomputer then navigate over to Styles. Here, you can inspect the 13 primary suits and Transmogs, and they are as follows:

  • Current Suit
  • New Guard
  • Titan
  • Eternal
  • Year One
  • Neon Noir
  • Demon
  • Privateer
  • Metal
  • Knight Ops
  • Shinobi
  • Talon
  • Knighthood

Of course, once you unlock the Knighthood suit, you can attach it to any of the characters if you continue on with New Game Plus. The max level cap will be increased from 30 to 40, and enemies will be more difficult to deal with. It’ll be a nice way to show off the cool style while taking down more resilient opponents.

Alternatively, there’s always the option of just flying around Gotham if you’re looking to wipe away any more crime-ridden filth in a more leisurely fashion without New Game Plus. The game does include a neat Photo Mode that comes with several editing features to make your screenshots stand out.

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Written by Andrew Smith