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Gotham Knights Nth Metal | How to Get

Gotham Knights Nth Metal - How to Get

The highlight of Gotham Knights is fighting crime as your favorite of the four heroes. What makes this even better is the weapons and gear at your disposal, which let you take down enemies in style. That is why it’s critical to use the best equipment at your disposal: to help you progress further in the game and face the evilest of villains. However, if you want to craft top-tier gear, you’ll need the legendary material, Nth Metal. You most likely already have some, but in this guide, we’ll show you the best way to farm the resource.

How to Get Nth Metal Quickly in Gotham Knights

How to Get Nth Metal Quickly in Gotham Knights

Good news: Every enemy and every faction in Gotham Knights can drop Nth Metal. However, the bad news is that its drop chance is extremely low. However, Nth Metal does have a higher drop rate from Veteran and Champion enemies. You can tell these enemies apart, as they are marked with a crown when you use the AR Scan. Consequently, they’re also much harder to fight, so you’ll need to come prepared. The best way to get this rare material is to farm Veteran and Champion enemies.

You can also increase the difficulty so more of these enemy types spawn, but that doesn’t directly mean you’ll get more Nth Metal, just a chance. Cause despite these enemy types having a higher drop rate, the material is still very rare. There’s also a chance you can get Nth Metal from chests around the map, but, as you probably guessed, that’s extremely rare to come across as well.

So, at the end of the day, your best bet to farm Nth Metal is by taking down as many bad guys as super-humanely possible. On top of that, you’ll want to target the harder enemies like Veterans and Champions. Aside from that, farming the rare resource is really just a long and tedious game of chance, this is really out of your control.

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Written by Andrew Smith