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Grounded Broodmother | How to Spawn

Grounded Broodmother

Just in case Grounded wasn’t quite creepy enough, Obsidian Entertainment has decided to scar us for life. The Hedge Broodmother is the first official boss in the game; it’s a creature that you can kill and loot, unlike the Crow from updates past. And that’s important to do if you want to get more progress in the story or unlock one of the new achievements. However, she can be kind of hard to find. If you’re having trouble finding this absolute monstrosity, this guide will go over some of the ways to find her.

How to Spawn the Broodmother in Grounded

Grounded Broodmother

The Hedge Broodmother in Grounded is located next to the Flingman Flying Disc, on a nearby branch. The lair is located inside of a webbed tube, which you can enter fully without spawning her. Once you are in, you can use the Broodmother BLT – a tier 3 Recipe for the Oven – on some open egg sacs to spawn her on the ceiling. You can reuse the same BLT until you win the fight, so you don’t lose any resources if you are defeated.

The lair is located next to the Flingman Flying Disk, one of the primary landmarks in Grounded. It is to the far southwest of the map, near the hedges. Once you get to the Flying Disk, you should see some branches nearby that lead to a very, very webbed hole. That tunnel will bring you right to the Broodmother!

Before you can even fight her, you’ll need to make her BLT in an oven. The recipe takes 2 Ladybug parts, 2 Bombardier parts, and 1 Thistle Needle. It’s not horribly expensive, as long as you’ve been killing creatures consistently.

Use the BLT on an open egg sac and she’ll drop from the ceiling to start the fight. The BLT is reusable as long as you die to the Broodmother, but once you kill her, the BLT will be consumed. Don’t worry about making multiple BLTs unless you plan on farming her consistently; you only need the one, even in the worst case scenario.

Make sure everyone’s ready to fight before summoning, however, as she closes the arena off. No running, no new challengers. Just you, anyone else stuck in the arena, a gigantic spider, and one battle to the death!

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Written by Andrew Smith