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Grounded Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip | Where to Find

Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip Location Grounded

With the newest content update to Grounded, Obsidian offers players a ton of new goals to work towards. The BURG.L quest system is one of them and the new Chipsleuth quest category is based on his new and old chips. One of the new ones is the Grave Robbery BURG.L chip, which can be a bit tricky to find. However, if you already have all of BURG.L’s chips, this quest is going to feel very familiar.

Where to Find the Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip in Grounded

The Grave Robbery BURG.L chip in Grounded is located inside the Western Anthill, on the western side of the map. When you enter the anthill, head straight until you reach the room with soldier ants. Then, take a left, swim through some water, and take one last left. You’ll see the BURG.L chip in the wall at the end of the hallway.

Just in case some soldier ants get aggressive while you’re trying to get the Grave Robbery chip, you’ll want to craft the Ant Armor (the helmet, knee guards, and arm guards.) This armor set automatically makes ants your friends, so when you run by that massive room of soldier ants, you’re not going to need to smack 20 or more ants just to get your chip.

Unfortunately, as of this article’s writing, this Chipsleuth quest cannot be completed. The chip is in the same exact place as the Anthill BURG.L chip, which might have been a mistake by developers. Although, it’s not a bad idea to go grab that now, in case they move it somewhere less enticing or easy to get to. Once the bug is fixed, talk to BURG.L to turn in the chip and unlock whatever upgrades it has in store.

However, while you’re at the anthill, you might as well grab the Ant Hill BURG.L chip. It should be in a similar spot within the Western Anthill. If you’ve been putting off on getting that chip for a while, now’s a perfect time to kill two ants with one stone.

If other quests that BURG.L offers you are driving you insane, then see our guide BURG.L’s anthill location quests! If you’re interested in more Grounded guides about the newest update, check out some of these guides:

Good luck with the Grave Robber chip, and we hope you get there before the bug fixers change things up!

Written by Andrew Smith