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Grounded Termite Dungeon Location | Where to Find

Grounded Termite Dungeon Location - Where to Find

With the drop of Patch 1.2, Grounded continues to receive support from Obsidian. This is great news! With the Into The Wood update, we have new goals for endgame, new dungeons, and more of the backyard to explore. And this time, the dungeon might leave you with some splinters. The termite dungeon in Grounded is one of the most recent areas that players are invited to explore. If you’re looking forwards to jumping right in, we can help you find it.

Where to Find Termite Dungeon in Grounded

Where to Find Termite Dungeon in Grounded

The Termite Dungeon of Grounded is hidden away in the back corner of the Shed area of the backyard, northwest of the map. After exploring the back, gear up and check out the back of the shed, where there is a massive pile of wood. This wood pile has a few entrances in it where you may enter and discover the termites’ home. However, the most consistent entrance – shown here – is around the back-left side of the shed, facing the shed’s door.

This dungeon is critical for the game’s new endgame. Not only will you gather more materials for weapons and armor, but new SCAB quests are available. Make sure you have some good gear before traveling through here. The front of the shed will probably be a bit safer, though there are Wolf Spiders all over the place.

The biggest headache for the Termite Dungeon is the number of entrances there are. Many of them are interconnected, but a few – especially ones in hard-to-reach places – will require some scouting and map-making. Be sure to explore the pile and find new entrances. You’ll find new goodies behind each one! For instance, getting to the Termite King will require you to climb the mount near where the Ax is. Bring some platforms!

You might want to build up your stats with some Mint Molars before going to the Termite Dungeon. These guys have numbers on their side, and their Soldiers will be very tanky. Your reward for slaying them will be the best gear that you could ask for; the Termite Axe and Chest Armor. Be sure to collect quite a few of their resources so you can construct the next level of gear for yourself.

Written by Andrew Smith