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Grounded Toad Swamp Location | Where to Find

Toad Swamp location

Grounded is a game all about exploration. Update after update has been dedicated to giving fans a wonderful backyard to roam. And since your character is so small, there’s a lot to do and places to see. One of these locations is the Toad Swamp, which is important for your completion percentage. If you want to make BURG.L. a happy robot, you should get this mission marker set up! Thankfully, it’s really easy once you find out where to go.

Where to Find Toad Swamp Location in Grounded

In order to get to Toad Swamp, you must go to the center-east part of the map, to the right of a large tree branch and a shovel. Before you search for the Toad Swamp location, we recommend that you get the mission for it first. BURG.L will give you a daily mission for this area at random. You can go to the location beforehand, but it’d be a pretty far trek to make it all the way across the backyard for no reason.

Once you have the mission, go to that area mentioned above and construct a Trail Marker. This marker requires 1 Clover Leaf, 2 Plant Fiber, and 2 Sprigs. That might sound tricky, but there should be a few things around Rash that you can gather if you’re missing a sprig or fiber. Once you’ve planted the marker on the Battletoad figure, you’re good to go!

This area isn’t too dangerous, but make sure you’re ready to combat those spiders the best you can. Bring some good gear to make things safe. No reason to risk a death when you’re pretty far from everything else!

The Toad Swamp location is one of the easier beacons in the game (thank goodness). All you need to do is look for a cartoon frog, buried near a puddle. That’s leagues better than some of the other location quests!

Written by Andrew Smith