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GTA 5 Online Passive Mode | How to Disable

GTA 5 Online Disable Passive Mode Guide

Los Santos is a dangerous battlefield, and any player on GTA 5 Online will know that from the heart. Chaos is omnipresent, and peace never seems to be an option whenever someone logs on just for a fun ride. Sure, the single-player experience is a different story, but there’s something personally unique when it comes to shaping your online empire. And the developers know how insane multiplayer can be, which is why they implemented Passive Mode. It gives players the chance to go online without getting attacked or having property destroyed by strangers. If you need to get out of Passive Mode, not to worry — we can help.

How to Disable Passive Mode in GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online How to Disable Passive Mode

To disable passive mode, simply access your Interaction menu and scroll down to Enable/Disable Passive Mode. To reach the menu, PC players will use M on their keyboard, Xbox owners will toggle the View button, and PlayStation players can utilize the left side of their touchpad. From here, you’ll be able to activate or deactivate Passive Mode whenever you please.

There are a few reasons why Passive Mode is an essential tool in GTA Online. As aforesaid, online players just want some peaceful fun, so there’s evidently one good reason. But when you’re killed continuously in a session by other players, the game will ask if you want to enable Passive Mode. It’s possible to enable it by accident, which is why many are wondering how to disable it. Fortunately, both options are found in the Interaction menu.

The Interaction menu provides digital criminals with a variety of useful features: They can check their objectives, current inventory, style, Motorcycle Club info, voice chat, spawning location, and more. It’s definitely a great tool to check out If you’re ever lost in GTA Online.

Keep in mind that once you disable Passive Mode to get back into the action, there will be a five-minute cooldown before the regular violence can recommence. And if you’re trying to be sneaky and avoid a report after taking down another player, don’t. Passive Mode won’t be available for a limited time after you kill another player. It’s a feature made for pure gameplay without undesirable interference, and it’s here to stay within the GTA Online world.

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Written by Andrew Smith