Does Hades 2 Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

Hades 2, Is There Multiplayer?
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Running through the deepest reaches of the Underworld sounds like a grand ole time in Hades 2. The roguelike gameplay shines as Supergiant Games implements familiar aspects from the original 2020 title and then some. From unique side characters to bombastic combative encounters, there’s plenty to take in with Hades 2. But while solo adventures are definitely part of the deal, can players expect multiplayer to play a role in Hades 2?

The sequel to Supergiant Games’s take on Greek Mythology advertises a roguelike adventure featuring Melinoe. She’s our protagonist this time, but can players venture into the Underworld with a buddy? We wonder the same ourselves as Hades 2 indulges in early access development. Let’s find out if players can anticipate cooperative action with Supergiant Games’ sequel.

Does Hades 2 Have Multiplayer Co-op?

Hades 2 Boss Fight in Erebus
Image Credit: Supergiant Games.

Hades 2 does not feature a multiplayer component, and does not offer any option to play cooperatively. Supergiant Games confirmed this on their webpage, detailing several frequently asked questions. When asked if there were any plans for multiplayer, the developer responded: “We are creating the gameplay and narrative of Hades II with a solo experience in mind.”

In other words, there are no plans for multiplayer features in Hades 2. It is a single-player game by design, which effectively seals the lid on the possibility of multiplayer. The original Hades is also a single-player game, so this development should come as little surprise.

Other frequently asked questions on the webpage hint at additional ways the game is expanding. These include console ports, early access expectations, soundtrack availability, and more regarding Hades 2.

Hope During Early Access

Developers can always add or remove portions of their creations, especially during an early access period. Various titles endure early access builds that appear differently in the finished product. With this in mind, one can always hope that Supergiant Games might consider a multiplayer component.

Hades Trailer, Zagreus
Image Credit: Supergiant Games.

The developer will listen to player feedback as Hades 2 evolves throughout its early access run. If players are asking about multiplayer features, then there’s a chance Supergiant Games could surprise us. We can only hope. However, for the time being, it appears that Supergiant Games is sticking with its single-player plan.


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