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Harvestella Romance | All Partnership Candidates

Harvestella Romance - All Partnership Candidates

Similar to many life simulation games, Harvestella is about much more than fighting monsters and harvesting crops. It is also about the myriad of characters you meet on your adventures. From the start, you will encounter several characters the you’ll get to know… And, some that you’ll get to know quite intimately. The partnership mechanic of Harvestella is an important part of the game’s story, as it will decide who the protagonist ends up in a relationship with. If you want to know which characters you can romance in this game, we have you covered!

Harvestella Partnership | Who Can Be Romanced?

Harvestella Partnership - Who Can Be Romanced?

There are currently eight known partnership options in Harvestella. Partnership is an endgame mechanic that can only occur once the main story is completed. It requires going past friendship into “Intimacy.” This is an optional mechanic with no benefits outside of dialogue changes.

How to Make a Partnership in Harvestella

To make a partnership in Harvestella, you must first complete the main story of the game. Then, you will have to clear the character’s quests. For instance, if you want to become Asyl’s partner, you’ll need to complete all of their character quests. Once you do that, the Mayor will visit you and give you a recipe. You will need to craft this ring before you can form this relationship… And you can only have a single partner! Make your choice carefully.

Once you give the ring to the valid candidate, they will move onto your farm and have special interactions with you. There are no other known benefits for engaging in a Partnership; just cute dialogue and story implications.

All Partnership Options in Harvestella

  • Cres is the doctor of Lethe Village
  • Aria is a scientist that you meet early in the game
  • Asyl is a soldier in Nemea
  • Istina is a teacher in Nemea
  • Emo is the Siren from Shatolla
  • Heine is the mechanic of Shatolla
  • Shrika is a missionary from the Holy Capital of Argene
  • Brakka is from the Holy Capital of Argene

There are also friendship trackers for the following characters:

  • The Unicorn in Higan Canyon
  • Dianthus in Higan Canyon

So far, it is unclear if you can form a partnership with either of these two characters. It seems that you can only complete their character quests. This is surprising for Dianthus, though… In our opinion, the Unicorn can stay in the Canyon.

Written by Andrew Smith