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High On Life Skate Park | How to Unlock

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High On Life is full of surprises and random elements you might not expect to see in a game. It’s all thanks to the creative mind of Justin Roiland, the game’s director. For example, the game features four full-length films which you can watch from your home TV with Gene. That is, if you so happen to have a few hours to kill while playing. So of course it’s not surprising that High On Life included a skate park in the game, too. If you’re wondering how to unlock it, we’ve got the answer below, so read on to find out!

How to Unlock the Skate Park in High On Life

How to Unlock the Skate Park in High on Life

To unlock the Skate Park in High on Life, you need to purchase the Skate Park Warp Disc from Blorto’s Kiosk in Blim City. However, Blorto’s Kiosk only becomes available once you’ve completed both the Kubris and Douglas bounties. After you’ve completed those, Blorto’s Kiosk will appear in front of your residence in Blim City. You’ll then be able to buy Warp Discs from him, which are devices that you use to trigger random events and side missions.

The Skate Park Warp Disc costs eight warp crystals. You get warp crystals by pulling them out the top of enemies’ bases after you’ve defeated them. Evidently, eight is a decent amount for this relatively scarce resource. So, unless you’ve been storing up, you’ll have to farm a few more until you’ve collected enough. Nevertheless, once you’ve got the Skate Park Warp Disc, head home and use your Bounty 500 to portal to Zephyr Paradise: Upper Valley.

When you spawn here, take a sharp left and head all the way up the hill until you come across the blue/white glowing warp location. Step inside and interact with it, and the menu with your warp discs will appear. Simply select the Skate Park Warp Disc, and watch the area in front of you magically transform into a skate park.

Inside the bowl will be three aliens who will issue you a challenge. They’ll task you with getting 42 thousand points, which you can easily do by grappling onto the bees above you with Knifey, then performing 360s until you feel sick.

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Written by Andrew Smith