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Hitman 3 Dartmoor | How to Complete All Mission Stories

Hitman 3 Dartmoor | How to Complete All Mission Stories

For the second level in Hitman 3, you will attend a false funeral for Alexa Carlisle. As always, you have plenty of options to take her out and obtain the case file, which is a secondary objective you need to complete in order to escape. We will guide you through each of the Mission Stories in Dartmoor for the full range of methods to take down your target and get the documents.

Hitman 3 | How to Complete All Dartmoor Mission Stories

We have three Dartmoor mission stories to complete. Each level varies with what it offers, and this is one of the smallest maps in the game. Our first will be the longest but look deeper into our guide if you want something shorter. Either way, each of these will get you a Silent Assassin and a pass to continue our murderous adventure as Agent 47.

Means, Motive, and Opportunity

Obtain the investigator’s disguise, which you can do once he crosses the bridge over the river; he will stop momentarily. Hide in the bushes nearby and throw a coin, one that is closer to him and leads onto the grass, then another to get him hidden away for your takedown (lethal or non-lethal, depending on your taste).

Meet the staff member and follow her to the front door where you will get frisked, so make sure any illegal items are not on you. Alexa will speak with you, and you will follow Mr. Fernsby, a butler who takes you to the crime scene.

Investigate the room by scanning the body and the alcohol on the nightstand next to him with your camera. Afterward, go to the laptop to inspect and take the suicide note behind it on a small table. Go over to the bookcase and pull the book to reveal a secret door. Go into the hidden room and go behind the mirror to find a plan of the building.

Go to Mr. Fernsby for information then you are sent off to investigate the family by interviewing them and obtaining evidence.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Story Mission

Rebecca’s room can be accessed by lock picking the door or going into the small office, which can be entered through the door or scaling the outside to go through the window (more advised as you are not allowed). If you are in the office, then take down the two men inside to avoid blowing your cover and hide their bodies in the crate. Go through the secret door that is exactly like what you found from the crime scene. Once in Rebecca’s bedroom, scan the notebook in front of the fireplace and look at her laptop. You can interview her on the first floor of the trophy room.

If you want to investigate the butler, Fernsby’s office is on the ground floor in the right corner. You will need to break in to get inside. Grab the note on his desk and the poison by the window.

Go down the hall all the way to the right into the dining room to interview Edward. More importantly, scan the paper he is holding to clear his name.

On the second floor of the library, you will go out to take a left to a balcony outside. Scale the building to reach another balcony, leading you into Emma and Gregory’s room. You can immediately find the first clue which is to your right and on the nightstand is a letter. Secondly, the greenhouse keychain is by the luggage in the middle of the room. Next, scan the shoes with footprints beside them in the left corner of the room past the luggage and next to a window. Finally, you might as well grab the cane next to the fireplace. You can match the footprints outside behind the manor. You can optionally investigate the greenhouse. If you decide to go there, you will find broken lab equipment and a book you can scan. You can interview them in the sitting room on the first floor.

Report to the butler and speak with Alexa. Tell her it was Emma unless you have all of the evidence to point the finger at someone else, but it doesn’t matter. Regardless of who you throw under the bus, you will get the case file. After, she will go onto the balcony where you can push her to her death.

Once you escape, you have completed the Dartmoor story mission Means, Motive, and Opportunity.

A Day to Remember

Head to the garden, where you will see a professional photographer is getting ready for Alexa Carlisle. Disguise yourself as the photographer; a good method is to poison his water where he will go vomit it up by the river, a perfect spot to take his disguise. Grab a fuse and test the camera now that it has the new fuse. As you wait for the target, grab the screwdriver to the left of the camera, and make an electric trap by the chair where she will sit with the plug and water valve. Take the family photo and get a glorious image of her death.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Story Mission

After that, go to her office and get the file from the safe. Press the button on her chair to reveal the safe. The code is 1975, but you can find that by looking for the numbers around the office. One is behind the moose head, another in the fireplace, the third is by the clock on the left side under the stairs, and the last number is by the telescope upstairs of her office.

Once you escape, you have completed the Dartmoor story mission A Day To Remember.

Her Final Resting Place

By the front gate, you will find a maid talking to a groundskeeper; this will activate our final Dartmoor story mission, Her Final Resting Place. Take out the birds’ nests that are right next to you up in the trees, which you can do with a silenced pistol. After, become an undertaker, which you can do between two easy methods by either luring him with coins into bushes like with the PI, or you can poison his water like the photographer. The best way to kill Alexa is when she arrives, let her critique everything until she leans forward over the grave while her guard is looking away. Push her in and bury her with a nearby shovel.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Story Mission

Now go to her office and get the file from the safe. Press the button on her chair to reveal the safe. Again, the code is 1975. Once you escape, you have completed the Dartmoor story mission Her Final Resting Place.

Now you know every way to complete the second level in Hitman 3, the Dartmoor story. Looking for more guides? Be sure to check the links below!

Written by Andrew Smith