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Is Hitman 3 Open World?


If you’re new to the Hitman series, Hitman 3 might seem like a huge game. The environments that you can kill in are absolutely massive, and there seems to be opportunities around every corner. Especially if you’re new to the series, it might seem like the perfect environment to get tasks, kill people, and leave. So, does Hitman 3 work like an open-world game?

Is Hitman 3 An Open-World Game?


No, Hitman 3 is not an open-world game. Despite the immense sides of all of the incredible looking locations, and all of the new environments that developers are adding, Hitman 3 is based on killing one person in a specific location. You may get multiple targets in the same location, and there are a ton of ways to take on a specific task. However, the game is far from GTA or Skyrim or other traditional open-world formulas.

In the Hitman series, players are tasked with going to a specific area with the task of slaying a particular target. From there, the game rarely holds your hand; you might get a message telling you about a specific event the target is at. Or you might be told to look for a specific weapon to kill them with. But otherwise, the world is your oyster! As long as your oyster involves ending specific lives as discreetly (or fantastically) as possible.

This unfortunately does mean the game can be somewhat formulaic. Things don’t really randomly happen because you’re expected to fail a few times while you find out the best way to end your target’s life. An open-world formula would not be the best way to design levels. So you have a bunch to explore each level, but not like an open-world game.

Don’t worry, you will have so many options to destroy someone each and every level. You’ll just be relatively limited in terms of location.

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Written by Andrew Smith