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Hitman 3 Safe Codes | All Combinations

Hitman 3 safe codes - all combinations

When you aren’t taking out your targets in Hitman 3, you’ll likely discover safes that require a specific code to open. These safe codes can be found hidden in these levels, but are they worth opening? As it turns out, most contain either Case Files for more information or keycards to help you take out your targets. If you want to get into theses safes, here are the codes you need to know.

All Hitman 3 Safe Codes

Hitman 3 Safe Codes - All Combinations

These safe codes are scattered around the maps of Hitman 3. Below will be all the codes for the safes, but if you want to see the location for each safe, keep reading further down.


  • 6927
  • 7465


  • 1975


There are three safes on the Dubai map. The first is one can be found in the security room on the third floor.  Be careful entering this room though as there is a guard so wearing a disguise will help. You can find the code stuck to a native board next to the lockers on the left. If you cant find it then the code is 6927. The safe is on the same wall but on the other side of the room.

The second code can be found in the other security room which is found on the 2nd floor. After entering the security room to the right, head straight until there is a path to the left. You should see the safe location on the wall to the right with another bulletin board ahead of you in the next room. The code is found on this board is again 6927.

The last safe on this map can be found in the Penthouse guest suite. After entering this suite begin to look for a computer. Once you have found it you should see a sticky note on the corner, this note tells you that the code is 7465. The safe can be found directly behind the computer inside the wall.


In this mission you can find a secret safe in Alexa’s Office. In order to find this secret safe you must go to the armchair that is next to the balcony door. Be careful though as there is a person on the balcony as well as in the room with you.

Once you have found the chair you should get a icon appear saying about a secret button to press. When you have presses this button you will soon see the safe appear behind the painting on the wall. You will see that it requires a specific code to open which you are soon informed can be found all over the office.

The first part can be found next to a clock on a drawer to the left of the safe. When you see this you should see a number 1 in-front of it. The next number is found upstairs behind the telescope, this shows a number 9. After this head back downstairs to the fireplace for the third number, this should be the number 7. Finally to the right of the fire place there should be a door with a moose’s head above it, the number 5 can be seen behind this.

Now you have the 1975 code,  enter it into the safe to claim your hard earned reward.

That is all the safe codes for the current missions in Hitman 3. Emboldened by knowledge, you can now get back to killing your targets. To learn more about 47’s latest outing, check out some of our other hot guides for Hitman 3: 

Written by Andrew Smith