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Hitman 3 Keep Calm and Aim | How to Complete

Hitman 3 is a game that has a ton of different challenges for Agent 47 to overcome. It is also a game with a ton of different areas that each have their own unique challenges. One of those areas is Dartmoor, England and it has quickly become one of the favorite areas for players of the game. One of the challenges in this area is called Keep Calm and Aim but just how do you complete this challenge?

Hitman 3 Dartmoor | How to Complete Keep Calm and Aim

Hitman 3 Keep Calm and Aim

The Hitman 3 Dartmoor challenge Keep Calm and Aim becomes available when you reach a certain level of mastery in the game. This is because once your career mastery is high enough, you’ll be able to smuggle a sniper rifle onto the Dartmoor estate. You’ll need to bring the sniper rifle onto the estate in a briefcase. This will make sure that no guards notice that you’re carrying a high-powered rifle around with you.

Now that you have your rifle, head to the graveyard. Get rid of the crow nests there, but do not complete the rest of this story mission. Get your hands on a staff uniform outfit and put it on. With this on you’ll be able to freely head to Carlisle’s top floor office without trouble. On the staircase going to the observation room, there is a ledger you can climb on. After climbing on it, you will go to a window that you can exit through that leads to the rooftop.

From this position equip your sniper rifle, keep calm and wait for an opportunity. Eventually, Carlisle will come by to do her inspection of the burial plot. You can shoot her before she gets to the plot but trust me, waiting will be worth it.

If you can time her movement just right, you can shoot her into the burial plot. This kills her and hides the body, what a two for one! Make sure to wait till her back is to you and her front is face the burial plot to do this. Even if you don’t bury her, killing Carlisle from this position completes the Keep Calm and Aim mission.

Written by Andrew Smith