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Hogwarts Legacy | How to Wait

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Wait

We all know that time can be of the essence in Hogwarts Legacy. Dark Wizards roam outside the castle walls, certain characters are on important journeys, and you’ve got classes to attend. As our daily lives go, so does Hogwarts Legacy as it progresses through a day and night cycle, allowing certain quests to reach completion within specific time windows. This basically means that you won’t be able to engage in every quest at any given time. Thankfully, Hogwarts Legacy allows the player to wait for a few hours with a couple of clicks.

How to Wait in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Wait in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways that you can wait and allow time to pass in Hogwarts Legacy. The primary method is accessing your map through the Field Guide and navigating over to the far bottom right of the screen. A button legend will be present, providing tools to tweak the map: ZOOM, CHANGE MAP, WAIT, and BACK (keep in mind, SET WAYPOINT is manual when hovering over icons). Select WAIT by pressing R3 for controllers (PlayStation/Xbox) and F for PC users.

Doing so will trigger the following message: “Wait here to advance time from day to night or night to day.” Proceed with the prompt, and your character will fall into a quick slumber, advancing through time by a few hours.

If you’re trying to reach a specific time window (e.g. early morning, late evening, etc.), you might have to WAIT a couple more times in order for the cycle to develop even further.

The other method usually concerns quests that need to be completed at a certain time period. Upon approaching a quest site, you might run into a magical yellow circle surrounding the activity start point. This will allow you to quickly fast-forward to the beginning moment when the quest giver arrives on the scene.

Hogwarts Legacy Magical Yellow Circle

One quest in particular where time is vital is the quest concerning the Demiguise Statues. They can only be collected during the night, and you’ll need Alohomora for a chunk of the items that are hiding behind locked doors.

That’s all you need to know when it comes to waiting around in Hogwarts Legacy. Are you missing some pages from your Field Guide? We’ve got some additional guides here to help get you through your lessons in school:

Written by Andrew Smith