Madden 20 House Rules | How to play, rewards, and more

Madden 20 House Rules

A fresh special event is running for Madden 20. Train teams, earn trophies, and unlock unique items through the Madden 20 House Rules event. House Rules treats gamers to a set of college overtime rules, making games go by quicker and training finish faster. Here’s how to get started on the event, and what rewards are up for grabs. 

How to Play the Madden 20 House Rules Event

Madden 20 House Rules

Special events are something that every game offers now as developers seek to maximize gamer enjoyment. Right now, for Madden 20, the House Rules event is running. To take advantage of it, gamers will need to set up a Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. 

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Getting started with a MUT can be streamlined to a few steps. First off, gathering plenty of apt players from packs is a must. In conjunction with that, gaining coins through Ultimate Challenges is also necessary. Once there’s enough players and coins, it’s time to start working the auction house. Rinse, repeat, and customize, and it’s time to get started on House Rules. 

Essentially, Madden 20 House Rules is a special event that utilizes college overtime rules. Once the game goes into overtime, it becomes a sudden death of sorts. Teams switch possession of the ball over short periods, the team with the higher points winning. While it can go on for some time, college overtime rules typically wrap things up quickly. 

The rewards for this mode are very worthwhile. One win will net a thousand coins. Multiples of 10 wins yield 10s of trophies. At 50 wins, a random NAT 89-90 OVR Superstar is unlocked. At 75, 100, 150, and 200 wins, hundreds of trophies can be earned. Even if Madden 20 players shoot for just one win, it is worth your time to pick up an extra thousand coins.

Written by Andrew Smith