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Madden 22 Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Does Madden 22 Have Cross-Platform Support?

The release of Madden 22 earlier this year marked the first installment to have a simultaneous release on all current and last-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC. With many popular titles implementing cross-platform support, many are left wondering if the most popular and longest-running football franchise in video gaming history has finally got with the times. Has it?

Does Madden 22 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Does Madden 22 Have Cross-Platform Play?

Unfortunately, Madden 22 does not have cross-platform play. As the Madden titles often sell millions of copies, many players won’t have a hard time finding opponents online. Despite that, the lack of crossplay is a disappointment to many. Just as both the PS5 and Xbox Series X remain elusive to the greater public, owners of these consoles undoubtedly have friends in their lists who haven’t been able to upgrade. On EA’s end, the business hasn’t released any info released as to why cross-platform play hasn’t been featured. We can only speculate as to whether the issue is either technical or buried within the business side of things.

Adding further to this particular problem, Madden 22 did not allow for free next-gen upgrades. EA only allowed this with the pre-order of the Dynasty Edition, that allowed for what the company calls Dual Entitlement. Along with a host of other perks, like unlocking the game three days early, this did allow for PlayStation and Xbox cross-gen ownership. Considering this edition of the game cost $119.99, it is very close to the cost of two new copies regardless.

Furthermore, those who do have copies across both generations have another hurdle. Madden 22 does not feature cross-saves either. There is no migrating your save across different generations, even on the same platform. For players with copies of both last and current generation, this will require maintaining two separate save files. We can only imagine this would not be an ideal setup for the large majority of Madden players. Let’s hope they make some meaningful changes to this next year.

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Written by Andrew Smith