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Madden 23 | How to Dive

Madden 23 - How to Dive

When it comes to electronic football action, Madden 23 simply won’t be beaten. It’s a staple sports franchise for a reason: It gives players all the tools they need to live out their gridiron fantasies. Naturally, that includes realistic simulation of several advanced strategies. However, sometimes it’s the basic maneuvers that make for strong plays. A simple dive can help you control your presence on the field. So, how can it be done? Read on to find out.

How to Dive in Madden 23

How to Dive in Madden 23

If you’re looking to dive in Madden, there are a few options. You can dive tackle by pressing X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. If you’re on offense, you also can opt to catch a ball by diving. This is done by pressing Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation. If you’re the quarterback, you can do a Ball Carrier Slide. This is done by tapping X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation.

And then of course, last but not least, is the Ball Carrier Dive. This is done by Holding X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. But diving to first down is one thing; there’s another use for diving. While the dive can be used as a final attempt to make it to First Down, you can use it to dive into the end zone.

This is considered a special move, much like taunting or celebrating after a touchdown. To perform this showboating move, press X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation when approaching the end zone. This will cause your character to dive into the end zone, scoring a point in style.

This can be combined with the right stick to celebrate. a Prompt on the screen will appear allowing you to flick the right stick in one of four directions to perform a celebratory move. This can be anything from dancing to spiking the ball into the ground.

The dive is an important move in Madden 23. While it can be used to help you score points against the enemy team, it can also be used to taunt your enemies, and raise your own morale as you dive your way to victory.

Written by Andrew Smith