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Metal: Hellsinger Shield Enemies | How to Beat

Metal: Hellsinger Shield Enemies - How to Beat

When it comes to slaying demons in Metal: Hellsinger, there really aren’t any wrong answers. There is no enemy you can’t tear your way through as long as you hit your marks and beat. That is, unless you run into pesky shield enemies. You’ve probably noticed these fiends don’t want die as they’re clearly meant to. If these enemy types are causing you problems, you may need to change your strategy. And we’ve got the bag of tricks in this guide to help you deal with those pesky shield enemies.

How to Beat Shield Enemies in Metal: Hellsinger

How to Beat Shield Enemies in Metal: Hellsinger

The best way to defeat shield enemies is to get up close and personal with the Terminus long sword. This is the first weapon you get in the game, and while it’s only meant for melee combat, we’re taking advantage of the close-quarters combat. Use the Terminus to get in close, then slash and strafe circles around shield enemies. While you must still be cautious and selective when engaging, this method has proven to be the most effective for players against shielded foes.

If melee isn’t your thing, there are other options if you insist on using ranged weapons. The first thing to keep in mind if you go this route is that the shield on these enemies is bulletproof. As a result, you should aim for their arms, legs, or feet. Obviously, hitting those body parts with a revolver or shotgun is more difficult, which is why we recommend using a bow or crossbow. This is due to the fact that these cause splash damage. As a result, if you aim at their feet or the floor around them, you’ll do splash damage to their lower half with each hit, dealing significant damage.

Combining the bow, crossbow, and terminus sword is your best bet for tearing through shield enemies. Get some solid splash damage with the bow, especially if there are any minor enemies still lurking around. Then, once the scenes cleared and you’re only dealing with shield enemies, the splash damage should have knocked them down enough for you to quickly engage with your sword and slash them to death. But don’t forget to strafe while you do it.

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Written by Andrew Smith