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Metal: Hellsinger Voice Actor | Who Voices The Narrator?

Metal: Hellsinger Narrator Voice Actor Guide

Ever since the announcement and trailers for Metal: Hellsinger arose from the depths of gaming development, players have been wondering who the voice was behind the footage. In our ever-expanding industry, we’re starting to pinpoint the familiar faces and voices. And once you come to know who the Narrator is in Metal: Hellsinger, you’ll want to play the game even more. Keep reading onward to see who the voice is in Metal: Hellsinger.

Who Voices The Narrator in Metal: Hellsinger?

Metal: Hellsinger Who Voices the Narrator

Award-winning voice actor Troy Baker voices Paz, who serves as the narrator in Metal: Hellsinger. Since The Unknown doesn’t speak, we have Paz to rely on for any essential dialogue. He guides you through the many Hells in the game while providing some commentary. The fact that he’s a talking skull makes the whole metal experience particularly epic. Plus, it helps to have a voice that isn’t necessarily screaming with intense guitar riffs ringing in the background.

Troy Baker is known for his Western-esque vocal ability, especially from his notable performance as Joel from The Last of Us games. As Paz, he sort of works as a companion when you’re not utilizing him as a weapon. Whether you’re up against a horde of demons or one of The Red Judge’s cronies, Paz will have something to say. Think of him like a Ghost from Destiny 2 where they’re always by your side. It’s a nice blend of bloody action, metal music, and dialogue that keeps the action afloat.

However, Metal: Hellsinger is a relatively short game, with about 4-6 hours of total gameplay. Even though this boils down to how on-beat you are and how skillful you are with a weapon, you could finish the game within a day. Of course, the carnage doesn’t conclude there if you’re feeling courageous with the New Game Plus feature. If you’re reaching for a higher score than before, you can always try your hand by prevailing over the 21 Torments.

Paz will stick by you through Hell’s abundance of demons and planes, so be sure to have a good time while your multiplier rocks out to an impressive 16x. Additionally, you always adjust your audio settings to balance out the music, effects, and beyond.

Written by Andrew Smith