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MHW Big Burly Bash | Why is it not unlocking?

MHW Big Burly Bash

Recently, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players have reported issues unlocking the MHW Big Burly Bash quest. There are a handful of reasons this could be happening, for example, players could be missing certain steps or it may even be a bug. In this guide, we will try to get to the bottom of what exactly the issue is, as well as explain step by step how to unlock and complete the Big Burly Bash quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

How to Get the MHW Big Burly Bash

MHW Big Burly Bash

Before we go into how to unlock this quest, let’s talk about the Big Burly Bash. This is a Master Rank Assigned Quest, located in the Elders Recess area, where players must fight both Tempered Brachydios and Glavenus. Also, the quest is required to remove the MR cap to 99 and is unlocked upon the Guiding Lands reaching Level 6.

To unlock the MHW Big Burly Bash, players will first need to have access to the Guiding Lands, have beaten Shara Ishvalda (the final boss in Iceborne,) and be at Master Rank 50. After beating the Elder Dragon, they will need to complete the assigned quest they will receive from the First Team leader in Seliana. 

From there, players should be able to level the Guiding Lands, which are required to unlock the quest. To level up the Guiding Lands and unlock the Big Burly Bash quest, players will need to kill monsters, break their parts, use traps, gather tracks, and witness turf wars.

After leveling the Guiding Lands to Region Level 6, players should check assigned quests after speaking with First Team Leader to get the MHW Big Burly Bash quest. 

Why is the MHW Big Burly Bash not Unlocking

If you’re having trouble unlocking the MHW Big Burly Bash quest, we’ve got a few solutions. The issue seems to largely stem from some players being confused about how to properly level the guiding lands. Further, it’s also possible that you’re not talking to the right NPC, so be sure to double-check the instructions above.

Big Burly Bash

In addition, players can also make use of the in-game tutorial page called “Play Guide,” which is under the info tab within the in-game menu, for further instructions. Hopefully, after following the information discussed in this guide, you won’t have any more problems with unlocking the Big Burly Bash in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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Written by Andrew Smith