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MHW Research Commission Tickets | How to get

MHW Research Commission Tickets

In Monster Hunter World, there are specific rewards for doing certain quests in the game. One such example is the High Commendation Ticket, which players can earn by completing various quests. However, most might now be aware that there is a ticket rewarded by the commander himself. In this guide, we will show you how to get MHW Research Commission Tickets.

What are Research Commission Tickets in MHW

In Monster Hunter World, Research Commission Tickets are rewarded to players by the commander to those who have helped the Research Commission — simple enough, right? Further, Research Commission Tickets can be used to redeem a variety of weapons, armors, and charms in the game. 

How to Get the MHW Research Commission Ticket

MHW Research Commission Tickets

If you’re looking to get your hands on a few MHW Research Commission Tickets, there are a few ways to go about it. Below is a quick list of different quests that will earn players a ticket in Monster Hunter World.

  • The Sapphire Star’s Guidance (100% chance of giving 2 tickets)
  • The White Winds of the New World (100% chance of giving 1-2 tickets)
  • New World Sky, New World Flower (1% chance of giving 1 ticket)

Each of these quests will require players to defeat a handful of different monsters. However, you can be certain they’ll be worth your time, as two of the three have a 100% chance of dropping a Research Commission Ticket.

Even though, New World Sky quest has a very low chance of dropping a ticket, we would suggest doing  this quest if you’re trying to farm tickets because it may be the easiest out of the three.

How to Farm MHW Research Commission Tickets

Farming MHW Research Commission Tickets can be quite a difficult task, due to players having to fight more than one monster in all of the quests that reward them. Additionally, things only get worse with the fact that in two of the three quests, players will have to fight more than one Tempered Monster. For this reason, we advise holding off on starting these quests until you are fully prepared.

However, once you are prepared, we recommend doing the New World Sky quest because it appears to be the easiest out of the three to repeat. With the New World Sky quest, players will have to fight two tempered monsters in 50 minutes, while in The Sapphire Star’s quest players have to fight three Tempered Elder Dragons and in The White Winds players have to fight four monsters in 25 minutes. 

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Written by Andrew Smith