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Minecraft Dungeons | Where to Find Renegade Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Renegade Armor

In Minecraft Dungeons, weapons and armor have unique variants that offer special bonuses to the player when in use. Such is the case with the Renegade armor. In this guide, we will explain where to find the Renegade armor in Minecraft Dungeons. 

How to Get Renegade Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Renegade ArmorUnfortunately, it’s hard to say where to find Renegade armor in Minecraft Dungeons, as there is not an exact location for it in the game. The only way the player can get their hands on this armor is when it randomly drops as loot from enemies or is found within treasure chests that are scattered throughout the game. 

However, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost, as plenty of players have found it over time! The Renegade armor offers some pretty solid benefits such as +25% Mele Attack Speed, +35 Damage Reduction, and +20 Weapon Damage Boost Aura. So you’re definitely going to want to keep your eye out for it while you’re playing. But, in the end, there really isn’t anything to do to ensure a drop.

Alternatively, players can settle for the normal Mercenary armor variant, until they find Renegade armor.  This is essentially the same thing, but with a little lower stats. The player also has somewhat of a higher chance to find Mercenary armor as it can appear as a gear drop in the missions below.

  • Arch Haven
  • Cacti Canyon
  • Fiery Forge

In addition, the Mercenary armor also offers two of the benefits Renegade armor has, thus making it a suitable substitute for the unique armor. The Mercenary armor has the following stats: 35% Damage Reduction and +25% Weapon Damage Boost Aura. So the only thing it’s missing is the melee attack speed, and depending on your style of play, this might not be a big deal.

If this isn’t a suitable option for you, there are also tons of other great sets of unique armor that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons. In the list below you’ll find some of our other guides that might interest you:

Happy hunting!

Written by Andrew Smith