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Minecraft Dungeons | Where to Find Fox Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Fox Armor

Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons is a unique item, which makes it quite rare and difficult to find. However, the armor not only provides 39 additional health but provides a suite of sweet buffs. It furnishes the player with a 30% chance to ignore hits on the wearer, a 20% damage boost weapon aura, and allows health potions to heal any ally who happens to be near you. In this guide, we will explain how to find the Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Where to Find Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Fox Armor

There are few confirmed locations to find the Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons. Note that you will have a chance to get the Fox Armor by completing these stages at any difficulty. However, the higher the difficulty, the better your chances are of getting good equipment. Considering that the Fox Armor is unique and offers some great benefits, you might want to crank up the difficulty as much as you can.

Below are the confirmed Fox Armor locations:

  • Creeper Woods
  • Redstone Mines
  • The Secret Cow Level (AKA ???)

Note that, while the Fox Armor is guaranteed to be in each dungeon’s random loot generator, that does not mean that you are guaranteed to get the armor. That’s the problem with probability. You might have to grind these levels for a few runs in order to find your armor.

You can also purchase the Fox Armor from the Blacksmith. However, you must be of a sufficiently high level for the armor to become available and have at least 80 emeralds to engage in trade.

All Minecraft Dungeons Fox Armor Enchantments

Once you get the Fox Armor, here are the enchantments available for it!

  • Chilling: An area of effect explosion of cold erupts from you every couple of seconds. Enemies caught in the blast suffer reduced movement and attack speed for one second.
  • Deflect: Just what it sounds like. This can sometimes deflect enemy projectiles.
  • Fire Trail: Whenever you roll, you leave a streak of flames in your path. This lasts for four seconds and damages any enemies that touch it.
  • Health Synergy: Upon activating any artifact, you regenerate some health.
  • Potion Barrier: After taking a healing potion, you receive 90% less damage for a few seconds.
  • Protection: Again, just what it sounds like. This reduces incoming damage.
  • Speed Synergy: The moment you activate any artifact, you get a 20% speed boost for a few seconds.
  • Swiftfooted: Rolling boosts your speed for three seconds.

As you can see, this is definitely a set of armor you’re going to want to have as you make your way through the game and prepare for the upcoming DLC. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow players to drop items for friends, so it’ll be up to you to find it.

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Written by Andrew Smith