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Minecraft Echo Shards | Where to Find

Minecraft Echo Shards - Where to Find

The Wild Update introduced a deep new biome into Minecraft, including a new subterranean city to explore and investigate. It also introduced a very helpful new item called the Recovery Compass, which helps you find your way back to where you died. However, to make one, you’ll have to find a new resource called Echo Shards. Which locations should you start searching first? Read on to find out.

Where to Find Echo Shards in Minecraft

Where to Find Echo Shards in Minecraft

Echo Shards are easy to find once you know where to look. They’re located inside of the new Ancient City structure in the game world. The Ancient City is found inside of the Deep Dark Biome underground. Normally the Deep Dark starts at Y level -52. However, they don’t normally spawn directly below a player. Much like The Nether’s Nether Fortress, you’re going to have to make your way through the underground and uncover one of these places yourself.

However, if you’ve enabled cheats in the game, you can also just look up where to find one of these Ancient Cities using console commands. On java, type “/locate structure minecraftid:ancient_city” and it will tell you the location of the Ancient City. If you’re on bedrock, it’s as simple as typing “/locate ancientcity”

Once you make your way to the Ancient City, you’ll have to look around for chests in the world. Ancient Cities are vast and large. Chests may be sparse, but you should be able to find them, the Echo Shards can be found there. Afterward, you can use the shards to create one of the newest items in the game.

This new item, which is the only use for the Echo Shards in the game, is the Recovery Compass. The Recovery Compass is used to aid players who have died, leading them to their last known location before they died. It’s great for explorers who have died far away from their homes. However, Minecraft has a 5-minute time limit once you’re 17 chunks away from where you died.

Echo Shards help create an important item, and the Ancient Cities also include fearsome foes like the Warden and Helpful Enchantments like the Swift Sneak.

Written by Andrew Smith