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Minecraft | How to Put Out Campfire

Minecraft - How to Put Out Campfire

Minecraft is filled to the brim with blocks serving various purposes. While some of them may not have a use in building, the game’s sandbox nature gives way to some aesthetic items. Using different materials, you can build loads of different structures. And when it comes to survival, few are as helpful as the campfire. However, once your firing is roaring, you may find yourself confused about how to put it out. Don’t worry, we can help.

How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft

How to Put Out a Campfire in Minecraft

Campfires are a nice aesthetically pleasing way to keep light outside of your house, which is the main way to keep mobs off your property. They’re good for cooking food, lighting your yard, and sending smoke signals. But, when you’re done cooking your meals or sending smoke signals, you need to put out your campfire.

There are three different ways to put out a campfire. The easiest way is to interact with it using your shovel. Doing so will extinguish the flames immediately. Otherwise, much like in real life, you can also douse the flames with fire. You can splash it with water from a water bottle or place a block of water above it. The only catch is that it consumes water, whereas a spade can be reused indefinitely.

If you’re unsure how to make a campfire, in the crafting table, place three woodblocks of any kind on the lower three squares, and then place a coal or soul sand block in the middle square. Then, surround the fuel with three sticks. That will create the campfire. Lighting the campfire is as easy as using flint and steel, or shooting it with a flaming arrow, like from a crossbow.

If you place a bale of hay underneath before lighting, you’ll be able to set up a smokestack that goes up to 24 blocks in the air. If you place a trap door above it, you can prevent the smoke from going up, and create a smoke signal.

Written by Andrew Smith