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Minecraft Nether Star | How to Get

Minecraft Nether Star and Wither Guide

The Nether Star in Minecraft is an essential resource that is used to make the beacon. The beacon will require some Glass and Obsidian, but you’re also going to need one lucky Nether Star. So how do you get one? Well, there’s only one way to obtain them, and some folks might not like the answer.

How to Get a Nether Star in Minecraft

Minecraft How to Get a Nether Star

The Nether Star can be obtained by slaying the Wither mob boss. This is the only way to get a Nether Star, and the wither will always drop one upon its death. This process shows just how rare the item is, and it can be incredibly difficult to get one if combat isn’t your strong suit.

The Wither is a flying fiend who shoots explosive skulls toward you as soon as you summon him. Upon his rise, he will start to flash for a few seconds. An explosion will follow, which is the sign that the battle has begun. Now, while you can shoot arrows and fly-strike him, his skull bombs can be deadly. He’ll never touch the ground, so you have to make the low-ground your playground. His explosions will leave dents on the ground, so be mindful of your footing. Our suggestion is to take the fight underground. The Wither’s explosions will demolish any blocks in its way, giving you plenty of opportunity to strike.

Tips for Fighting the Wither

If you’re more of a sword and shield warrior, consider equipping the Elytra wings to take the fight to the sky. They are technically a pair of gliders, but it’s the only way to take flight in your Survival worlds. So ideally, you probably want to fight atop mountains and mountainsides. This will give you more of an advantage by evening the odds for this encounter. Additionally, you can use firework rockets to take you to incredible heights. All you need is Paper and Gun Powder to craft it, so try to make a few before summoning the wither. Once assembled, toss the firework rocket on the ground as you run and jump to activate the Elytra wings.

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Written by Andrew Smith