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Modern Warfare 2 2022 Gold Camo | How to Unlock

Modern Warfare 2 2022 Gold Camo - How to Unlock

Making sure your guns look as pretty as possible is one of the most important completion challenges in Modern Warfare 2 2022There are a lot of different camos that you’ll be digging for over your career. However, there is only one prestigious gun camo that makes your gun 24 karat. The Gold Camo for Modern Warfare 2 2022 is a sign that you really love your gun. So, if you want this fantastic-looking camo for any gun, you’ll have to grind for it. We’ll help you figure out what your goals should be!

How to Unlock Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2 2022

How to Unlock Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2 2022

In order to unlock the gold camo for a weapon in Modern Warfare 2 2022, you’ll have to complete all camo challenges for that weapon. These camo challenges appear as you level up, so you won’t be able to unlock gold right off the bat. Weapons have between one and four basic camo challenges to burn through before you can unlock their gold skin. Each of these are unique to the weapon.

Unfortunately, before you can even begin on the golden grind, you’ll need to unlock all of the base camos. To see what camo challenges are specific to your weapon, you’ll need to head to the Weapons tab and select your weapon of choice. Then, navigate the menus until you find “Camo Challenges,” which will list all of the challenges currently available for your weapon. Don’t worry if you don’t see all of them! As you level up, more and more will unlock for you.

Once you unlock the Gold Camo for your weapon, you can go for the Weapon Mastery challenge. These challenges typically ask the player to get a certain number of kills while equipped with the camo. This’ll get you an Emblem and Calling Card to show off to the public.

Then, you can start working on the next series of mastery camos! These unlock as you collect more and more gold camos, so you’ll have plenty to do while you play MW2.

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Written by Andrew Smith