Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked Worst To Best

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked Worst to Best

The newest Call of Duty features eleven different 6v6 multiplayer maps, which means we’ve got to go through all the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps ranked worst to best.

While not all of them are great, some are definitely much better. Today we’re putting my expensive playtime in the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer to use and ranking the maps.

For more Call of Duty, check out our review of the single-player campaign and our definitive ranking of every Call of Duty. We’ll update the list soon with our thoughts on Modern Warfare 2!

Valderas Museum Deserves an Honorable Mention

This museum map didn’t make it out of beta, hence its honorable mention.

It’s unconfirmed why the map wasn’t included in the full release. Fans have speculated online that the map is based on the real-life museum in California – The Getty Museum. It’s unsure if the museum had an issue with its location being added without consent or if California’s laws prohibit depictions of violence in public places.

I guess we’ll have to see if the map is added back in at a later date.

Santa Sena Border Crossing Is the Worst of the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked

Santa Sena Border Crossing is the Worst of the Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked
Photo Credit: Activision

You knew this would be my bottom choice if you read my multiplayer review.

The map is a single lane with a very thin alleyway on one side to separate you from the cars. The cars are constantly exploding from taking damage or from either side launching any number of explosions trying to take someone out hiding behind said vehicles. This can cause a chain reaction of explosions, causing players to enter a “death loop” of respawning and dying to explosions when they try to push up.

My squad always backs out of this one when it comes up in the pre-game lobby.

Taraq Means You Should Back Out of Your Lobby Immediately

Taraq Means You Should Back Out of Your Lobby Immediately
Photo Credit: Activision

The issue with this map is it is boring. A war-torn city on the outskirts of Al Mazrah sounds interesting until you load in and see that 70% of the map is just an open area and sand. You can enter and use a few destroyed buildings for cover, but the sightlines on most of the map are bad. Win or lose, this map leaves you with an empty feeling of how this map could’ve been improved in several ways. More buildings for cover or an artistic overhaul would do this map wonders.

El Asilo Honestly Isn’t That Bad of a Map

El Asilo Honestly Isn't That Bad of a Map
Photo Credit: Activision

While this map isn’t my favorite, it’s far better than the first two on this list.

This map is set in the Las Almas hills featuring three separate lanes. Either enter the main building in the center or take the outside lanes in the field or parking lot. Two Smaller buildings on each side also provide cover and long-range shot opportunities.

While not the most exciting map, I do like the sunset aesthetic and think this map works on a technical level.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric Utilizies Water-based Combat

Zarqwa Hydroelectric Utilizies Water-Based Combat
Photo Credit: Activision

The first and only map to feature the water-based combat kind of works.

This mid-sized map features waterways you can swim around to get around the map around your opposition. You can use your pistol here underwater as you surface or if you run into an enemy trying to use the tunnels themselves.

The rest of the map is nice; it has enough unique micro locations to make it work. It also features several two-story areas to get a height advantage in your gunfights.

Mercado Las Almas Is Middle of the Road for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked

Mercado las Almas is Middle of the Road for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked
Photo Credit: Activision

This map is much smaller than the previous two.

Mercado las Almas is another map that will be featured in Al Mazrah. This small street market reminds me strongly of Shoot House from Modern Warfare 2019. The long-range mid-lane is perfect for long-shot weapons and picking off enemies who impatiently run down the middle. The left and right sides of the map have several buildings for close-quarters combat.

Truly a well-designed map both visually and mechanically.

Embassy Feels Like a Throwback To Call of Duty’s Glory Days

Embassy Feels Like a Throwback to Call of Duty's Glory Days
Photo Credit: Activision

Now we’re getting into the good stuff.

The embassy map reminds me of the classic Call of Duty experience. The embassy features two main buildings that either side can take control of. With multiple ways in and out of each building, it’ll be hard to hold down any area alone or with one teammate fully. Ladders, stairs, and windows allow multiple entry points into any situation.

My only real issue with the map is the sun glare you get from certain angles. I get that it delivers a realistic sunset appearance, but it’s blinding!

Farm 18’s Theme Works to Its Advantage

Farm 18's Theme Works to Its Advantage
Photo Credit: Activision

The Farm 18 map is a ghost town disguised as a training facility.

This map works on many levels, with the main building in the center, a side three-story building on one side, and three additional buildings around the map. Combat usually can be found around the entire play area, rather than most games devolving around one or two points of interest.

Did you know you can see several easter eggs in the main building? Pictures of Price and Farah, the Euphrates Bridge, Gun Runner, and Granza Raid can be seen on the walls. These are great callbacks that make the map even better!

Al Bagra Fortress Is Love at First Sight

Al Bagra Fortress is Love at First Sight
Photo Credit: Activision

The first match I played of Modern Warfare 2 was on this map and really has me hopeful for this game’s life cycle.

The fortress level is great for close-quarters combat that features a museum-type area in one building. There is also a two-story smaller building facing directly in front of the other. Additionally, I really like the art style of this map.

I looked at all the display cases and artifacts during one game where the enemy team backed out, and we waited for the timer to run out. Anytime a map makes you stop and enjoy the surroundings is a good map in my book.

Breenbergh Hotel Is a Top Tier Modern Warfare 2 Map

Breenbergh Hotel is a Top Tier Modern Warfare 2 Map
Photo Credit: Activision

Here we are at the top of the list. At #2 we have the Hotel in Amsterdam.

The Conservatorium Hotel’s manager reported they also weren’t too happy being involved in this year’s Call of Duty without being asked first. Despite a name change, there’s no doubt the overwhelming similarities between their website online and the map we ended up with.

Despite the drama surrounding this map, it’s great to play on. The hotel is beautiful and features many unique close-quarters areas to fight in. The middle of the map features one long-range area to sight down, so this map has something for every playstyle!

Crown Raceway Tops Our List of Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked

Crown Raceway Tops Our List of Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps Ranked
Photo Credit: Activision

There’s a clear-cut winner for Modern Warfare 2 maps: The Crown Raceway.

I love everything about this map. The pacing is great, the aesthetics are great, and the sounds of the nearby raceway are thrilling. I cannot find anything I dislike about this map.

One of the first times I loaded in, I noticed the map said I was near the Ferris wheel. I looked around like, “why is this area called that? I don’t see a…”

Then it hit me, a giant RGB Ferris wheel just outside the map. I loved it.

The smaller points of interest, like the Beer Garden, garage, and racecars scattered across the maps, make this visually pleasing. This map earns its top spot on the list, and I’m always excited to see that it’s the next map in the rotation during the pre-game lobby.

Wrapping Up

That’s our list of all the launch maps for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps ranked from worst to best. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments down below!


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  1. Every map in this game is trash. You are being VERY generous. They are all extremely boring after a couple of days play. Campalicious TRASH!

  2. really honestly the only good map is al bagra fortress, the rest top my list of being some of the worst cod maps ever. Border Crossing is absolutely atrocious, breenbergh hotel is camper friendly, farm 18 is lackluster, el asilo is enormous, zarqwa is only good in search (not that great in search, just the best of the worst), crown raceway is enormous and has no actual way to attack on it, and las almas is unbelievably forgettable. Mesh that with insanely overpowered guns, and countless bugs, you’ve got one big steaming pile of garbage. Only redeeming factor is the gameplay. My current rating of the game is a solid 3/10. They really have something to prove.

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