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Modern Warfare IAV Kill | How to get

Modern Warfare IAV

Modern Warfare is an recent triple-A release that breaths new life into the Call of Duty series. This new addition to the long CoD legacy brings many new killstreaks, such as an IAV. In this guide, we will show you how to get a Modern Warfare IAV kill so that you can complete the daily challenge.

How to Get a Modern Warfare IAV Kill?

Modern Warfare IAV

A Modern Warfare IAV, “Infantry Assault Vehicle,” is a killstreak reward that can only be used in Ground War and large maps (when on small maps the IAV is replaced with a Wheelson)  The IAV is essentially a giant tank with a 50 cal. machine gun mounted on top, a powerful cannon, and is capable of transporting multiple players across the map.

To get a Modern Warfare IAV, players will need to earn seven kills in a row to unlock the killstreak reward. Further, to unlock the IAV, players will need to be Rank 44.

The IAV also has its own daily challenge where players need to get a total of 20 kills using the IAV killstreak. Below we’ve offered some tips on how to properly use it to ensure you rack up enough kills to complete the challenge.

Modern Warfare IAV | Tips and Tricks

Since the main feature of an IAV is a giant cannon, we suggest you focus on using that to kill players. Further, targeting enemies while they’re in buildings is a sure fire way to quickly complete the daily challenge, as there is no where for them to run.

When using the tank, be sure to watch out for Proximity mines. These are deployable mines that explode on contact and deal double damage to vehicles.

The final tip we have is to pair the IAV killstreak reward with the Chain perk, as this will count any kills earned with your IAV towards unlocking more killstreaks. 

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Written by Andrew Smith