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Modern Warfare Loud Footsteps | Why are my footsteps so loud?

 Modern Warfare Loud Footsteps

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped onto shelves and marketplaces in October 2019, and it seems to have captured the heart of fans. It’s a departure from a long line of typical COD releases, with a more Battlefield type of play style in some ways. Breaking the decade old mold seems to have proven more difficult in some ways though. Specifically, in Modern Warfare, loud footsteps seem to be ruining the game for many players. If you’re one of many players asking, “Why are my footsteps so loud?”, here is what we know.

What’s Up with the Modern Warfare Loud Footsteps?

 Modern Warfare Loud Footsteps

Call of Duty has never really been known for innovation, at least not for many, many years. Well, that all changed with the release of Modern Warfare. There’s a lot of contention surrounding many of the changes that were introduced, from maps to gun-play to technical issues. Most can agree though: in Modern Warfare, loud footsteps are killing fights before they happen. 

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In older installments of the series, stealth and maneuverability were virtues of the best players. In Modern Warfare, these attributes are almost impossible to maintain. While the game has paid careful attention to its sound system in regards to bullets and explosions, it seems to have overlooked the player characters entirely. Even when crouching, footsteps maintain their max volume. 

However, the development team is likely to take such complaints into consideration. With news that map releases will be entirely free, they truly seem dedicated to consumer appreciation with this one. Also, considering that at the time of writing, the game’s been out a few days and has already received several patches, a few more shouldn’t come as any surprise. Turning down the volume on footsteps and team shouts definitely doesn’t sound like a difficult fix. Further, it shouldn’t resolve all of the complaints players have of why their footsteps are so loud.

There were some interesting design choices concerning sound in Modern Warfare. Footsteps are but the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that players don’t any control over. However, until it’s fixed, running with the Dead Silence perk on every class might help. 

Written by Andrew Smith