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Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card | How to get

Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card

What is a Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card? Where did the idea come from, and how can players earn one? This guide will discuss why Modern Warfare players keep talking about Nuke Calling Cards and how they can be obtained. We’ll also go over how to get a Tactical Nuke killstreak and potentially earn a Nuke Calling Card of your own.

What is a Modern Warfare Nuke calling card?

Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card

So far, all we know about Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card is that it will be a way for Modern Warfare’s developers to add some lasting impact to getting a Tactical Nuke killstreak. The rest is a complete mystery, since the Nuke Calling Card is reportedly only in development. However, we can safely assume that it will be rewarded upon unlocking a Tactical Nuke killstreak.

Here’s a little background on where the idea of nuke calling cards came from: In a recent Reddit post, Infinity Ward Art Director Joel Emslie responded to a comment asking for custom calling cards such as the Scottish flag with the following statement.

byu/Paulon1 from discussion

Further down the same Reddit thread, the conversation eventually turned to Tactical Nukes getting a calling card. Emslie had the following to say: “This is something that we are working on and want to get in. No eta as of yet”.

How to get a Tactical Nuke Killstreak in Modern Warfare

Since we know the developers are interested in creating a Modern Warfare Nuke Calling Card, it’s best to go over how to get the tactical nuke killstreak. Players will need to get a total of 25 kills with any type of gun, grenades, or tactical gear equipped; any kills from other killstreaks or vehicles will not count towards the total for the Tactical Nuke. Also, the killstreak no longer needs to be equipped, as it is now available to all players when they start Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

There is another way for Modern Warfare players to see a Tactical Nuke in their game. However, this will require a dedicated team, as players will need to control all five points in Ground War. Believe us when we say this is not an easy task to accomplish. Upon controlling all five points, the game will automatically call a “DEFCON Nuke,” and the match will be won.

Written by Andrew Smith