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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Dragons | How to Get Eggs

The endgame for Monster Hunter Stories 2 leaves the player to freely roam about the world. After completing the game, there’s still much to see and discover, especially with the inclusion of the super rare dens. Within these areas lie the elder dragons, and evidently, there’s bound to be an egg of theirs for the taking. Acquiring your elder dragon egg isn’t exactly straightforward, though. Keep reading to see how you can get one without stressing yourself out.

How to Get Elder Dragon Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Elder Dragon Den location

To find Elder Dragon Eggs, you’ll need to find Super Rare High Rank Monster Dens. The best way to do this is to add Rathian or Kulu-Ya-Ku to your party and utilize their Nest Search ability. These locations are characterized by a vibrant diamond-like texture, and they can be hard to find. Activating this will highlight dens on your map within your vicinity, so keep riding around until one pops up. The alternative is to purchase an Expedition Ticket in the SR variety. Once you enter the dens, search about the place until you find the elder dragon’s nest, where the eggs will be peacefully resting.

There are five distinctive Elder Dragon Eggs that the player can obtain. To identify these rare eggs, the offspring of the Elder Dragons are distinguished by two colors. The primary one is quite noticeable, but the secondary color comes with a star design. Each Elder Dragon has a unique color combination and location, and they are as follows:

  • Nergigante – Black and Red – Terga Volcano
  • Teostra – Orange and Blue – Also Terga Volcano
  • Velkhana – Light Blue and Dark Blue – Loloska and Terga Volcano
  • Kushala Daora – Orange and Black – Alcala
  • Kirin – Bright Blue and Bright White – Everywhere

Riding around while continuously pinging the Nest Search action can get tiring. Apparently, these super rare dens have a spawn rate of 0.1%, so naturally, you’ll need to spam refresh until one is available. But as
aforesaid, the alternative is to purchase an Expedition Ticket (SR). If you’ve got plenty of Bottle Caps to spare, it wouldn’t hurt to buy these tickets over and over again. They can be bought by Melynx in the Expedition Co-Op quests for 100 Bottle Caps, and there’s no cut-off point for acquiring these tickets.

Finding these eggs won’t be a walk in the park. It might be best to bring a friend with you to help find these rare items. Still, it’s probably better to go with the Expedition Ticket instead of aimlessly running and pinging around to find a rare location.

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Written by Andrew Smith