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Multiversus | How to Play Local Multiplayer

Multiversus - How to Play Local Multiplayer

WB Games’ latest Smash-like release, Multiversus, is proving to be quite the surprise hit. So much so, in fact, that their online servers are having a hard time keeping up with the large player base. This has some wondering if there is a local multiplayer option for the game. Fortunately, there is an option for couch co-op and versus, but it’s not immediately obvious. We’ll show you how to get to this game mode!

How to Play Local Multiplayer in Multiversus

How to Play Local Multiplayer in Multiversus

With Multiversus being a free-to-play online game with transactions, it’s actually quite surprising to see they included an offline local multiplayer mode. However, it is commendable that this mode exists, and all characters are unlocked for use as well.

To play offline multiplayer, first select the large Play button in the main screen. This will bring you to the mode select screen. In relatively small tabs at the top of this screen, there are options to select. You can choose Online, Practice, or Custom mode. To reach local multiplayer, you’ll have to select the Custom tab in this menu.

Once there, you will see Local Play. This is the local multiplayer mode. It defaults to Teams mode, but in the upper right of the screen, you have options to adjust for your match. Here, you can select Teams, 1v1 or Free For All modes. Just as well, you can set the time limit, how many ringouts per match from one to four, and whether or not to enable stage hazards.

So there you have it! On top of being a competent Smash clone, it also has well-fleshed out local multiplayer as well.

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Written by Andrew Smith