How to Build and Upgrade Assembly Station in My Time at Sandrock

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The Assembly Station is where all the magic happens in My Time at Sandrock. Serving as the primary assembly area in the Workshop, players depend on it to progress through the game. It’s almost like a second home, from completing commissions and quests to constructing new workstations.

But as players continue to improve the city of Sandrock, they must also upgrade their Assembly Station. This ensures they’ll have the proper space and tools to erect essential mission items, many of which aren’t available through Mason’s given Assembly Station. Luckily, builders have a way to enhance their building stations with the help of a fellow Sandrocker.

How to Build and Upgrade Assembly Station in My Time at Sandrock

Construction Junction Catalog in My Time at Sandrock
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Mason, the city’s previous builder, provides builders in My Time at Sandrock with their initial Assembly Stations. Players must rely on Construction Junction’s catalog or a Home Editing Toolkit to upgrade or move the Assembly Station. The former offers quick access to edit your home, where you can then modify your Workshop’s space. The latter provides the same service but for a higher fee.

With the Construction Junction route, builders can visit the store (owned by Heidi) and look at the catalog. A paint roller distinguishes the shop. Access it, and you’ll be brought to an overview of your Workshop. Once you’ve transitioned, slide over to the Structures section and select the Assembly Station Level 1. Then, pick the Upgrade option when the move and upgrade icons appear on the screen. This will present you with the primary station’s crafting screen.

Sandrock Assembly Station Upgrade Screen
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The Home Editing Toolkit does the same, but it costs 3,200 Gols to acquire. Heidi’s store sells this, and we recommend buying it to unlock the home editing mode. This allows you to customize your living space and Workshop without depending on Construction Junction. It’s also a one-time use, so investing in a Home Editing Toolkit is imperative for players who continuously renovate their homes.

Upgrade Requirements

The Intermediate Assembly Station (level 2) offers the proper space to construct new items for quests and commissions. This comes before the Advanced Assembly Station (level 3), which ultimately prepares builders for endgame mission items. To construct both, you’ll need the following money and materials:

Intermediate Assembly Station

  • 1,500 Gols
  • Bronze Plate (x10)
  • Microchip (x5)
  • Steel Bar (x5)

Advanced Assembly Station

  • 3,000 Gols
  • Chromium Steel Plate (x10)
  • Gravity Motor (x2)
  • Magnesium Aluminum Alloy (x10)
  • Processor (relic) (x4)

By upgrading to the Intermediate enhancement, you’ll increase your assembly space to 9×10. With the Advanced version, you’ll improve the space to 17×10. You will most likely upgrade your Assembly Station when the “Appetite for Construction” mission plays out. It’s the section of the game where you must build a new water tower for Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Water Tower Rebuilt
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The option is always available to you, though it’s not necessary when starting in My Time at Sandrock. You have a lot to manage when you’re in the city — commissions, side activities, city events, various items — upgrading your primary crafting station can wait until the time is right. Besides, you might need your Gols for a rainy day in My Time at Sandrock.


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