How to Unlock Chromium Steel Bar Recipe in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Dr. Qi Diagrams
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Attention, citizens of Sandrock! Builders must complete a specific objective in the “Clear the Air” mission in My Time at Sandrock. Players must construct a Vacuum Cleaner with a Chromium Steel Bar and other materials to protect against pollution contamination in the Valley of Whispers. Different recipes require the steel bar, too, making it a desirable resource.

The Chromium Steel Bar, in particular, doesn’t magically appear out of the sands that blow in the wind, though. Players need the recipe to use the refined material, which won’t become available until a particular mission is completed. Of course, once the recipe is in the hands of the player, the building can commence.

How to Unlock Chromium Steel Bar Recipe in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Chromium Steel Bar Recipe Location
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My Time at Sandrock players can obtain the Chromium Steel Bar recipe by visiting the Sandrock Commerce Guild Store, run by Commissioner Yan. He sells the steel bar recipe for only 160 Gols, which is considerably cheaper than some other items. The recipe is available for purchase after completing the “Appetite for Construction” mission. It’s the quest where the player is tasked with repairing the Water Tower of Sandrock.

Bringing the “Clear the Air” mission back into focus, the recipe is essential when players are tasked with assembling the Vacuum Cleaner mentioned above. Players can build themselves one at an Intermediate Assembly Station. The following ingredients are required for the Vacuum Cleaner’s fabrication:

  • Bronze Blade (x3)
  • Chromium Steel Bar (x10)
  • Plastic Pipe (x3)
  • Windproof Cloth (x6)

Dr. Qi will supply the player with the diagram for the Vacuum Cleaner, though other recipes need Chromium Steel Bars. With it, players can craft some magnificent items, including:

  • Chromium Sword and Shield
  • Concentrated Algae Apparatus
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Train Station Star Sign
  • Super Shock Shield

In addition to the listed recipes, a few Sandrock locals are pretty fond of the Chromium Steel Bar. Mi-an seems to love it, and Hugo, Trudy, and Yan particularly like it. Almost everyone else in My Time at Sandrock will accept it as a gift, though it’ll merely be a gesture of tolerance.

Expert Tip

In truth, it’s best not to gift the steel bar to anyone; use the material for any items you wish to build. There are other ways to gain relationship points.

My Time at Sandrock Water Tower Rebuilt
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In addition to the recipe sold by Yan, players can acquire Chromium Steel Bars from certain enemies, too. The only foes to drop the material are Contaminated Plierimp, regular Plierimp, Dive Buzzard, and Masked Fiend. The Plierimps reside in the Valley of Whispers, while the Dive Buzzards and Masked Fiends roam the Eufaula Desert.

Players have a couple of options to pick when acquiring the steel bars, yet it’s essential to progress through the story to unlock its recipe. While some items are unlocked before the recipe becomes available, completing missions is your ticket to utilizing new tools and resources.


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