How to Get Marble Slab in My Time at Sandrock

Sandrock Furnace Workstation
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Some of the more rudimentary workstations in My Time at Sandrock require a Marble Slab as an ingredient. These include the Refiner, a Tailoring Machine, and the Apprentice Cooking Station, which are all important to construct. However, the Marble Slab is a refined material players can’t just obtain from digging through scrap piles and kicking trees.

Of course, to get your hands on Marble Slabs, you’ll need Marble in My Time at Sandrock. But what comes next? What workstations are required to generate the item in question? It’s time to dig into it and discover what blueprints are needed to construct the slabs.

How to Get Marble Slab in My Time at Sandrock

Sandrock Processor
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Marble Slabs are produced by throwing two Marble Bricks into any Processor. The Civil Processor and its level three upgrade, Industrial Machine Tools, can be considered. By using a Processor and Marble Bricks, you can craft a Marble Slab within an hour and thirty minutes. Remember to keep your water tank filled to ensure steady production!

To acquire your starter Processor, speak with Qi at his Research Center. Place an order for the Processor diagram, which will cost you three Data Discs. Qi will need a day to study and deliver the diagram, which will be shorter than other research projects.

Once Qi supplies you with the Processor diagram in the mail, assemble the following items to erect it:

  • Bricks (x6)
  • Copper Bars (x4)
  • Grinding Saws (x3)
  • Old Parts (x2)

In addition to the Processor, you must purchase the Marble Slab recipe from Commissioner Yan’s Commerce Guild Store. This area is essentially your one-stop shop for acquiring various blueprints, ultimately enhancing your building efforts. He sells the recipe for only 163 Gols.

Also, go ahead and buy the Marble Brick recipe. Yan sells this one for 70 Gols. Acquire the recipes, then return to your Workshop.

Expert Tip

Yan’s Commerce Guild Store can purchase many items from you. Look through your inventory for expendable objects you can sell for extra Gols.

Hard Rock in Sandrock
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Next, it’s time to stack up on Marble in My Time at Sandrock. You can acquire this material by mining Monuments and Hard Rock in the Eufaula Desert. Take the Marble back to your Workshop and attend to your Furnace. Toss the Marble into the Furnace by selecting Marble Bricks to craft. Four individual pieces of Marble are needed for one brick.

Wait for the Marble Bricks to generate. Once they’re ready, collect them and head to your Processor. Select the Marble Slab blueprint from there, and you’ll be good to go.

Sandrock, Marble Slab Item in Processor
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Return the Slab

As aforementioned, the Marble Slab is used in the Refiner, Tailoring Machine, and Apprentice Cooking Station recipes. You’ll construct these from your Assembly Station at the Workshop.

My Time at Sandrock, Hammer Time Store
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However, you can also sell them for 40 Gols a slab at one of the many stores in My Time at Sandrock. It’s a nice way to earn some money if you’re low on resources. Furthermore, only a few Sandrock locals generally enjoy a slab as a gift. These include Heidi, fellow builder Mi-an, Trudy, and Yan. Everyone else is relatively neutral when regarding gifts. It’s best to reserve some on the side whenever Heidi requests a Commission somewhere down the line.


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