How to Use Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock

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A sandstorm sweeps through the city of Sandrock, accumulating dust on specific structures and items. To combat the dust, players must utilize a Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock. Primarily introduced in the “Instant Karma” mission, players are tasked with equipping a duster and cleaning up the place.

This comes from a request by Burgess, who is eager to remove the sand from the Church of the Light’s Temple’s garden. It’s one of the earlier side missions to transpire in the game. As such, it is imperative to understand the science behind the Feather Duster.

How to Use Feather Duster in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Using Feather Duster
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Constructing the Feather Duster is an easy objective in My Time at Sandrock. However, the confusion begins when players initially use one. Firstly, you must craft a duster for yourself at your Worktable. Use the following items, all of which are obtainable around your Workshop and Sandrock:

  • Feather (x5) – Obtained from Roosters and Kicking Trees
  • Thin Thread (x2) – Made from Plant Fiber via Worktable; Obtained from Bumble Ants
  • Wooden Stick (x2) – Obtained from Wood Scraps, Cock-a-doodle-Dooms, Roosters, and Wood via Worktable

Assemble these items to produce your new Feather Duster. After that, you’ll need to place the tool into an active item slot and equip it. After the first sandstorm blows through Sandrock, Burgess will direct you to where sand must be removed. Additionally, sand has amassed on your workstations. To remove the sand, approach and blindly interact with the dust-riddled structure/area.

Expert Tip

It’s crucial to equip the Sand Hat to avoid any slowed movement whenever a sandstorm passes in Sandrock.

We say blindly because your character won’t spend any stamina when using the Feather Duster. Could it be because it’s a relatively light tool compared to the others? Regardless, it’s a nice tool to keep in your inventory whenever a workstation needs dusting. Just like when you use a tool without hitting anything, you do the same with the duster.

Dust away until clean sparkles shine from a successful feathering. This ensures that your machines are functional once more, no longer burdened by rough sand.

My Time at Sandrock Chromium Steel Bar Recipe Location in Sandstorm
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Of course, helping Burgess and the Church of the Light will conclude the “Instant Karma” mission. It essentially serves as a proper introduction to using the Feather Duster. From there, you’ll only need it when dust accumulates on a workstation or treasure chest.


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