How to Use Food Scraps in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Picking Up Trash for Food Scraps
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Among the variants of scraps that players can encounter in My Time at Sandrock, Food Scraps are elusive — not in terms of locating them, perhaps, but rather how they are utilized. Whenever a builder approaches a Recycler, the workstation won’t accept them, no matter the level.

So how can builders use Food Scraps if a Recycler won’t take them? And why does almost no one in town seem to like them? The results may not be all that surprising, though utilizing these scraps can be handy in certain situations.

How to Use Food Scraps in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock, Food Scraps Description
Image Credit: Focus Entertainment.

In My Time at Sandrock, instead of tossing food scraps into a recycler, you consume them. This is accomplished by simply interacting with the food item, thus attaining a +1 boost in Stamina. Indeed, only +1 Stamina is received for each Food Scrap. It’s not a lot, but a little boost can be helpful in stressful moments. These might be the ventures into Abandoned Ruins or the Eufaula Desert when you’re running low on Stamina.

Whether you obtain Food Scraps from picking up trash or failing to learn recipes via the Cooking Station (and its upgrades via the Workshop), you won’t be able to do much with them. You can save and eat them whenever your Stamina bar is getting low, though that’s pretty much it.

Alternatively, you can present them as a gift to a Sandrocker of your choosing. However, seeing that they are merely scraps, everyone will despise you for the gesture. Burgess, Jane, Unsuur, Venti, and Wei will appreciate it for a +1 in relationship points, though that’s where the line is drawn. There are plenty of other gifts to pick from in My Time at Sandrock.

Furthermore, Food Scraps are valued at one Gol per item. Establishments such as the Blue Moon Saloon and the Commerce Guild Store will take them, but for what? To fill up your inventory slots? It’s best to keep and consume them when you need a quick boost in your Stamina.


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