How to Use Biocrust in My Time at Sandrock

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Skilled farmers in My Time at Sandrock are probably familiar with Biocrust, but what about the commonplace Sandrocker? Once they discover Biocrust in Sandrock, players can use the material to farm better crops. It’s essentially improved soil for the players, meaning Straw Grids can be left out of the farming process. Once you know how to use the sturdier material, more vital crops can soon come your way.

So, how does one properly use Biocrust during My Time at Sandrock? How can you improve your farming skills when handling this beautiful material? There’s a solution to all of this, and you have a chance to show off your harvesting talents to the town’s residents.

How to Use Biocrust in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Remove Soil for Biocrust
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Biocrust is the advanced version of soil in My Time at Sandrock, used to grow new crops without needing any Straw Grids. It’s achieved by increasing the soil quality of any farming plot to a maximum level of four. This ensures that the ameliorated soil is capable of reusing fertilizer and water. However, only a little is retained if you choose to move the crusted plot to another spot in your Workshop.

To acquire the actual Biocrust, select the remove the soil option while engaging in Planting Mode. It must be at the maximum level if you wish to obtain the improved soil. Check the information on your soil to see what level they’re currently at. From level one to four, the soil advances from Sandy to Arid to Fertile and finally to Biocrust.

Expert Tip

It’s known that harvesting five Rose Willows is the best and quickest method of advancing a farming square. Consider this route if you’re eager to get Biocrust for your farming endeavors.

While Trudy provides you with Biocrust during the “One Small Step for Sandrockers” mission, it’s limited and used mainly for that mission alone. You will have leftovers to use on your own time, but then you’ll need to start getting them from your farming plots. No one in or around town sells Biocrust, so your options are slim in terms of acquiring the material.

Some may wonder what the prospect of digging up the particular farming equipment is. In truth, Biocrust exists so that Straw Grids won’t have to. You’re basically skipping a step by relying on the new and improved form of soil. Straw is out, Biocrust is in.

Additionally, you can present it as a gift to several Sandrock citizens. These include the following locals that will appreciate you giving them some Biocrust:

  • Burgess
  • CoCo
  • Dan-bi
  • Magic Mirror
  • Nia
  • Trudy
  • Zeke
My Time at Sandrock Planting Crops with Biocrust
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Regarding Zeke, he’ll also be the only resident who can request commissions for the Biocrust. With a value of only 10 Gols, using the higher-level soil for farming is your best course of action. Otherwise, you might want to store whatever soil you’re not using for another time. Other residents will request commissions for items that require some stretch of farming on your end.


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