How to Get Carved Wood in Nightingale

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The Children of Earth work themselves to the bone to establish a new home across the Fae Realms in Nightingale. They’ll build new structures to surround themselves with opportunity and progression along their journey. Yet as they progress through the Realms, players need Carved Wood to help produce several stations.

But how can one acquire such wood in Nightingale? Given the massive landscapes to traverse and survey, one can quickly assume that Carved Wood doesn’t naturally come from the ground. Players must generate the material independently, starting with a crafting station to get things going.

How to Get Carved Wood in Nightingale

Nightingale Carved Wood Item Description
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Players can build pieces of Carved Wood together in Nightingale by accessing a Refined Saw Table. It’s the upgraded version of the Simple Saw Table, and players can acquire its blueprint from a Provisioner Realm Essence Trader. These merchants operate out of a forest biome, with access gained through a played Provisioner Realm Card.

T1 Essence is used to purchase the blueprint for the upgraded table. A Refined Saw Table requires the following materials for assembly:

  • Lumber (x4)
  • Blade (x2)
  • Mechanical Gears (x2)

Lumber can be gathered at a Simple Saw Table, while Blades and Mechanical Gears are constructed via a Brazier. Bring together these materials to build the Refined Saw Table. From there, access the table, select Carved Wood under the Refinement category, and select the available slot to input Lumber into the ingredient slot. Once set, hit Craft and wait for the station to work its magic. You can attend to other stations to craft additional items during this time.

Expert Tip

Remember to break down the Simple Saw Table to reuse its materials. Now that you have the Refined version of the station, the Simple variant is no longer necessary.

From there, you can apply Carved Wood to complete several new constructions at your base. This unique wood is essential for the refined stations in Nightingale, from the Refined Workbench to the Refined Spinning Wheel. These are essential to advancing toward Nightingale City, where Realmwalkers can unite.

Alternatively, players can purchase the material in question through a Provisioner Realm Essence Trader. These merchants are stationed throughout different areas in each Realm. To locate them, refer to your map and look for their icons on the screen. Hover over them to confirm; other icons for the Nightingale map include points of interest, unique enemies, deserted loot, and other NPCs.

The traders will see the material under their Resources category. Not every Essence Trader sells Carved Wood, so keep this in mind if you stick with the buying method. The fixed wood is bought with T1 Essence.

Nightingale Carved Wood Item Drop
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Another way to acquire Carved Wood is to break down Fae Chests scattered throughout the open world of the Fae Realms. After looting a chest, chop it up with an axe to yield the container’s materials. It may not come up for every chest, but this is another route to consider. Moreover, once you clear out a Fae Chest, it’s practically useless from that point on. Look out for POIs on your map, which will likely contain these chests to open and look through.


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