How to Get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

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There’s no question that there are plenty of materials to gather in Nightingale, and Mechanical Gears fall into that category. Mechanical Gears, as their name implies, serve as an essential component for several refined workstations. From the Refined Saw Table to the improved Masonry Bench, players will need some of these shiny gears to progress through the game.

But how can one player obtain these gears for their uses in Nightingale? The first few hours in, they’re almost nowhere to be found. So where can these brave Realmwalkers locate them in the Fae Realms?

How to Get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

Nightingale Mechanical Gears Item Description
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There are a few ways for Nightingale Realmwalkers to acquire Mechanical Gears. The first is the most accessible, with the established Brazier station to generate various items. The Brazier is an advanced version of the Simple Smelter, and players can unlock it by purchasing its recipe from a Provisioner Essence Trader. These merchants conduct their business out of a Provisional Realm, and players can buy the recipe using 15 T1 Essence.

Alternatively, through the same Essence Trader, navigate through the Resources section for individual purchases of Mechanical Gears. Players can buy them with T1 Essence, though it might be expensive for the price of 15 T1 Essence, especially if you’re looking to acquire other items with T1 Essence.

Expert Tip

The Provisioner Essence Trader sells other refined workstations needed for items to assemble better equipment. Moving on from the “Simple” stations, purchase the “Refined” schematics to prepare yourself for late-game encounters better.

Nightingale Brazier for Mechanical Gears
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A Brazier requires six Ingots and three Shafts for assembly; both ingredients come from the Simple Smelter. Ingots come from Ores, while Ingots generate Shafts. You might want to pile up on Ingots in Nightingale if you haven’t noticed. A fair number of the recipes in the Brazier need Ingots, so consider this as you go out to collect resources for your base and equipment.

Finally, access your Brazier, look for Mechanical Gears among the list of items to create, and select it for crafting. You’ll need two Ingots to craft a set of Mechanical Gears. Craft as many as you can, too, by the way. These gears are necessary for four unique Refined stations and other items. These include the following:

  • Refined Masonry Bench
  • Refined Saw Table
  • Refined Sewing Bench
  • Refined Workbench

As you progress through Nightingale, the “Simple” workstations will eventually grow obsolete as you unlock the “Refined” versions. The Refined stations offer the same recipes as their Simple counterparts and then some. In truth, the Simple stations are meant to jump start your adventure in the Fae Realms.

Bastilles of the Fae Realms

Nightingale features four unique structures for players to traverse and complete, called Bastilles. Across the Fae Realms, players can find the Bastille of Agility, Bastille of Insight, Bastille of Intellect, and Bastille of Might. These include Puzzle Cores for players to solve, yet each Bastille presents a different challenge. However, these structures include chests for you to check out and loot. The items stored within these chests can sometimes include new Realm Cards, yet you can get lucky with other materials. Furthermore, once you loot a chest, break it apart to acquire its materials, such as Carved Wood from Fae Chests.

Nightingale New Bastille Unlocked
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With this in mind, you’ll want to check for hidden corners and breakable walls within these Bastilles. There’s a good chance that some loot might be behind something. Finding Mechanical Gears is possible, though it’s not a guarantee. Regardless, it would be wise to see what’s hiding within the chests instead of avoiding them altogether. Sometimes, switching to the third-person view might give you a different perspective, which is optional through Nightingale‘s settings.


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