How to Get Spice in Nightingale

Nightingale Spice Dish
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Spice plays a pivotal role across multiple science fiction/fantasy stories, though it might not be as impactful initially for Realmwalkers in Nightingale. As the name suggests, Spice is a food component in the game, used in some unique recipes. It’s not easily obtained for beginning adventurers, though skilled Realm-walking practitioners can find great use for it.

For some, you’ll need the ingredient for a particular dish; for others, it’s another addition to the never-ending crafting duties. Regardless of what it may be, Spice is important for all players interested in getting the most out of their dietary options in the Fae Realms.

How to Get Spice in Nightingale

Nightingale Spice from Refined Mortar Station
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Nightingale players can craft Spice using a Refined or Excellent Mortar Station with ten pieces of Raw Spice. The Refined Mortar Station is the improved, upgraded tier 2 version of the Simple Mortar Station. The Excellent Mortar Station is tier 3, which comes into play later in the game. The game doesn’t specify what’s designated as Raw Spice material until you bring the right kind to the workstation, which frustrates some folks who might not know what to throw into the Mortar Station.

Other examples of Spice-based material include a few flowers you can pick from across the Fae Realms. Some of these are the Delphinium, Marigold, and Snapdragon flowers you harvest while traversing one Realm to the next. Look for these within the Desert and Forest biomes.

To generate the spicy resource, you’ll need the Bound Ichor material, which the horned Haxan Bound enemies drop. It’s one of the more accessible materials to accumulate when facing the Bound, including Arcane Wick and Bound Bristle. Of course, there are other Bound-based materials to gather, though you’ll have to venture into dangerous territory to get them. This is where the Fae Towers and other points of interest are considered when tougher Bound must be faced.

Expert Tip

When farming for Bound Ichor and defeating Bound enemies, establish a Faerie Ring to establish some sort of safety net for yourself. It acts as a respawn point in case the Bound slays you, and you don’t have to worry about restarting at a Realm’s primary portal upon death.

Shepherd’s Pie and Tender Steak also work if you dislike challenging the Bound. For Shepherd’s Pie, you must cook Seasoned Raw Meat with Dough with a cooking workstation like a Bonfire or a Calcularian Stove. Tender Steak is also smoked from the same stations, using only Seasoned Raw Meat. Both of these dishes will satisfy your Realmwalker’s hunger.

Add A Little Bit of Spice

Nightingale Spice Description
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Now that you know how to cook Spice in Nightingale, you can take your culinary skills to a Bonfire or Calcularian Stove to serve some delicious foods. While the game remains in early access, only a select number of recipes are available to the players. Some of these include the following meals that can be cooked at either of the aforementioned cooking stations:

  • Fish Cutlet (with x1 Deboned Raw Fish)
  • Oatmeal (with x1 Oats and x1 Raw Fruit)
  • Spiced Tubers (with x1 Potato)
  • Seasoned Raw Meat (with x1 Meat)
  • Salad (with x1 Mixed Plants)

As you might’ve guessed from the list, Seasoned Raw Meat is included, a food that’s needed for Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd’s Pie is itself, strangely, a food that’s essential to craft Spice in Nightingale. It’s one of those bizarre crafting game scenarios that’s best to accept and move on from entirely.

Alternatively, you can purchase Spice from an Essence Trader working in a Desert Herbarium Realm. Each sale costs 5 T2 Essence under Resources, so consider this as a last resort if you’re running low on other options. There’s also the Seasoned Raw Meat that we mentioned before, which the merchant offers for some Essence Dust.

Nightingale Purchase Spice
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On a final note, you can choose to eat a bit of Spice if you’re starting to get famished. The benefits aren’t worth noting since you’re ingesting a food component. However, if you’re already schooled in serving up some fine dishes, it’s best not to consume it.


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