How to Use Faerie Ring in Nightingale

Nightingale The Faerie Ring Device
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Death is a tricky concept to wrestle with, especially for those bold Realmwalkers who succumb to their injuries in Nightingale. When a player dies in the game, their belongings are left behind in the spot where they fell. This creates a dreadful lingering as you mentally prepare for a long trek back to your fallen goods. Thankfully, players can rely on Respite Points and Portals to help them navigate back to their death marker. This also includes the Faerie Ring, which players can construct themselves with the right elements.

So, how does one craft a Faerie Ring in Nightingale, and how can one utilize it? It’s a structure that players can extensively use, and only a few materials are needed for its assembly. Moreover, it’ll grow to be a handy device many wish they could build on the fly when trouble comes their way.

How to Use Faerie Ring in Nightingale

Nightingale New Opened Portal and Bound
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Nightingale Realmwalkers use Faerie Rings as additional respawn points, so they won’t need to rely on Portals to resurrect. In other words, when death comes knocking and you fall, you’ll respawn at a Faerie Ring instead of a Portal. This saves time and any anxiety from being induced at the sight of the death stat upon re-emergence. Moreover, players can arise at a Respite Point with a built-in resurgence structure.

Crafting a Faerie Ring

It’s easy to make yourself a Faerie Ring in Nightingale. We hinted before that only a few materials are needed to build it, and it’s true. Three resources are required, and the structure’s recipe includes the following:

  • Stone Block (x4)
  • Wood Bundle (x4)
  • Synchronous Louts (x1)

Stone Blocks and Wood Bundles are easily found throughout the Fae Realms. They can be accumulated effortlessly from the typical trees that grow in the woods and giant, breakable rocks. Typically, your axe and mining pick are utilized to yield these resources.

As for the Synchronous Lotus, you’ll need to clear out Fae Towers and other unique points of interest within a Realm. It’s of Fae origin and is used to power other transrealmic structures, such as the Crude Portal. You’re likely to build this particular structure at your Estate to have quicker access to other Realms. Of course, this is tremendously advantageous for Realm-seekers who don’t wish to backtrack to their Realm’s Portal.

Expert Tip

Clearing a Fae Tower will unveil chests that can be opened and broken apart for materials, including Carved Wood. Be sure to check every corner for hidden chests potentially containing valuable items.

Nightingale Essence Trader New Portal
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Furthermore, as discussed in the Faerie Ring topic, establishing one, even with a recruited companion, is imperative to survival. The Bound are ruthless humanoid forces hellbent on killing any Realmwalker within their sights. Especially as you scale the Fae Towers and foe-riddled dungeons, the Bound increases in difficulty. Consider taking along the materials needed for a Faerie Ring in your travels.


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