How to Upgrade Workbench in Nightingale

Nightingale Upgrade Workbench Warehouse
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From Simple workstations to the Excellent variations, Realmwalkers of Nightingale must continuously invest in their workstations. Doing so ensures they can access better gear for entering more dangerous Realms. Out of all the constructible workstations available, the plainly named Workbench is likely one of the first to be constructed. However, some Realmwalkers may not know they can upgrade their Workbench to unlock more tools, too.

So, how do you go about upgrading your Workbench in Nightingale? Moreover, how can you ensure that the workstation is enhanced to the highest degree? There are some steps to take, but rest assured, it’s reasonably easy to comprehend.

How to Upgrade Workbench in Nightingale

Nightingale Essence Trader
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Curious Realmwalkers of Nightingale can upgrade a Workbench by visiting the Essence Traders in a Provisioner Realm. The Essence Trader sells what is known as the Refined Workbench, which is essentially the upgraded Workbench. It’s a tier 2 workstation, with the Excellent version acting as the tier 3 station. This is traded with another Essence Trader who works out of an Ascended Realm.

The Excellent Workbench comes into play later in Nightingale when you can access The Watch. To those who may not know, The Watch serves as a hub for all Realmwalkers to unite and embark on new adventures. It’s unlocked as you progress through the storyline, mainly by assisting Nellie Bly with a particular portal stabilizer.

It is essential to focus on the Refined Workbench before you make your way to The Watch. Along with its available slots for Augmentations, the enhanced workstation is your ticket to utilizing new and improved tools. Eventually, you’ll want to forget about the Simple set of tools meant for early gameplay.

How to Craft the Refined Workbench

Nightingale Refined Workbench in Home
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The Simple Workbench is built with only a couple of resources: Wood Bundles and Plant Fibres. Specifically, ten Wood Bundles and four Plant Fibres are required to assemble it, making it a pretty simplistic structure. A new set of materials is needed for the Refined version of the workstation in question.

To craft a Refined Workbench in Nightingale, you’ll need the following resources:

Lumber is generated through a Saw Table of any tier using 2 Wood Bundles. Mechanical Gears are typically produced via a Brazier or Blacksmith’s Hearth with 2 Ingots. Finally, Carved Wood is obtained by depositing 4 Lumber into a Refined or Excellent Saw Table. Additionally, Carved Wood is found by breaking apart Fae Chests in certain points of interest in Nightingale. Be sure to look out for these across the Fae Realms; other types of chests exist and offer different resources, too.

Consider Augmentations

In short, you will need the Refined Workbench to enhance your Gear score and wield stronger weapons. It has seven Augmentation slots, a considerable increase from the Simple Workbench, which offers only two slots. And since we’re referencing the Refined Workbench, it’s only fitting to mention that the Excellent workstation has eight slots. With these slots, you can employ various sets of new recipes. It’s one of the many ways to customize your Realmwalker as they discover new avenues across the Fae Realms in Nightingale.


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