Where to Find Elder Eoten in Nightingale

Nightingale Elder Eoten Apex Battle
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With the Portal Network dismantled, accessing the titular city in Inflexion Games’s Nightingale is an extensive challenge to undertake. Serving as a haven for all Realmwalkers, finding a way to enter The Watch, a Curated Realm, is the next best option. Allan Quartermain is awaiting us, though a new Portal must be constructed with three items: Automaton Charm Oil, Pellucidic Etched Ingot, and Elder Eoten Heart.

Among the pieces, the third component is especially tricky to locate in Nightingale. Naturally, the Elder Eoten Heart comes from an Elder Eoten, an Apex Creature in the game. Nellie Bly informs us of the other materials and which creatures to look out for, but players must explore independently to find these enemies.

Where to Find Elder Eoten in Nightingale

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Nightingale players can locate an Elder Eoten by exploring a Forest Hunt Realm. The Forest Card is a Biome Card players obtain early in their travels during the game’s tutorial. The Hunt Card is a Major Card that’s unlocked by completing the Hunt Site of Power in the Abeyance Realm. Combine these cards and play them into a Realm Card Machine to access a new Portal for a Realm.

Jump through your newly opened Portal to enter the Forest Hunt Realm. The Elder Eoten is a living tree that stomps around on a few legs, complete with a towering presence. Check your map to see what’s around, and use the Track Legend Enchantment to help spot the special creature. Apply the Enchantment to any weapon of your choosing that can accept it. Additionally, you can utilize the Spyglass to glimpse what creatures roam the land. Of course, you can always clear out a Fae Tower to mark down points of interest on the map.

If you trigger the aforementioned Enchantment, you can trace along the golden trail to locate the moving tree. Depending on your location within the Realm, it might take a bit to track them down. Regardless, once you find the gigantic tree, you can choose to either fight it or provide an offering. Search nearby for its distinctive altar if you wish to provide an offering.

It’s important to remember that regular Eotens remain dormant throughout the Forest Hunt Realm. They have erected their own altars, but you can ignore these if you’re only interested in tracking the Apex Eoten.

Bestowing an offering of Ritual Fabled Meat for an Elder Eoten is highly recommended, though it may not be ideal for every Realmwalker. Even if you choose to fight the Elder Eoten head-on, you’ll have to be at the top of your game. The Elder Eoten is a brutal enemy, as exhibited by its health bar and Apex status.

The Portal Stabilizer Components for Nellie Bly

Nightingale Nellie Bly Character
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Acquiring an Elder Eoten Heart not only plays a part in Nellie Bly’s “Gateway to the Watch” quest, it’s also a main quest. Players can uncover more of Nightingale‘s lore by engaging in the optional dialogue threads with Nellie. By exhausting the dialogue, she’ll direct you to locate Charm Oil by finding an Automaton Bishop. This is loosely the only clue she gives you while also hinting at Victor Frankenstein’s importance with the Automatons. He’s stationed within the Desert Astroblabe Realm. This leads us to explore other solutions that don’t result in hunting, which might be best for players who’d rather avoid physical confrontation with a colossal foe.

To recap what Nellie Bly needs from you, gather the following items:

  • Automaton Charm Oil from an Automaton Bishop
  • Pellucidic Etched Ingot from a Sun Giant
  • Elder Eoten Heart from an Elder Eoten

Two other NPCs can play a role in offering more peaceful routes to encountering the Apex Creatures: Ludivine Saint-Clair and Danu. Ludivine resides in the Antiquarian Swamp Realm, and they’re more aligned with the peaceful approach with an Elder Eoten. Danu can be found in the Gloom Swamp Realm, where they’ll task the player with assembling an offering for Sun Giant.

Expert Tip

Visiting Victor Frankenstein, Ludivine Saint-Clair, and Danu in their respective Realms will create new challenges, such as the scorching heat in Victor’s region. Be wary of your travels across the Fae Realms, and use your umbrella when the weather affects you when possible.

These three NPCs are the players’ ticket to obtaining the Portal Stabilizer Components without engaging in combat. Each Apex enemy has a specified altar where you can place down the offerings. The Automaton Bishop is found within a Desert Realm, which can be played with a Herbarium, Hunt, or Gloom Major Cards. The Sun Giant roams within the Desert Hunt Realm, just the reverse biome of the Elder Eoten’s location.

Completing “Gateway to the Watch” is essential for any Realmwalker interested in linking up with other players. The Watch is an endgame area players can unlock after Nellie Bly receives the Portal Stabilizer Components. It serves as a social hub for endgame content, where players can assemble to go on adventures together. It’s also known as “mankind’s safe haven,” where the Bound don’t roam. Use this area to find new friends and fellow Realmwalkers who might be looking to explore new Realms in Nightingale.

Nightingale The Watch Curated Realm with Players
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To access The Watch, craft its named Realm Card via an Excellent Enchanter’s Focus or a Refined Enchanter’s Focus workstation. Only Paper and Ink are required to make one card, so be sure to craft a few if you want to explore The Watch in Nightingale.


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