10 Best and Worst Things About Palworld

Palworld 10 Best and Worst Things
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

It’s fair to admit that Palworld has its strengths and weaknesses, both in-game and out. Some folks aren’t too fond of the gameplay, while some accuse the Pocketpair-developed creature-catching title of sticking too close to Pokémon monster designs. Be that as it may, Palworld is an adventure game that offers a fresh gaming experience to whoever picks it up. And while it’s easy to see the negative aspects associated with it, there are some good things to take away from the title.

With Palworld only growing, thanks to its explosive popularity, we’re looking at 10 of the best and worst things about the game. From unique gameplay features to questionable mechanics, there’s always something to note regarding Palworld‘s presentation.

10. Best – The Open World of the Palgagos Islands

Palworld Open World
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

While the Palpagos Islands certainly isn’t the most fleshed-out open-world game out there, it’s engaging and expansive. There’s always something to do, something to see, and something to climb (if you don’t run out of stamina too quickly). The lore is present in several notable areas, including the Towers, where the bosses reside, and the incredible Pal statues. Conflict has affected the land, and the results show. Plus, flying across the mountains while the sun sets in the background is always a blast.

9. Worst – Bland Animations

Palworld Capture Humans
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Parts of Palworld feel a little outdated, and that especially applies to the cutscenes and general character animations featured in the game. It’s uninspired and a tad lazy in execution –  even the boss fight scenes feel generic. There’s nothing special to take home when one visits Palworld. The vibrant landscapes and Pal interactions are a treat, but one can’t help but notice how lifeless the NPCs appear. It also doesn’t help that the Melpaca’s swimming mechanics are the same as their regular gallop animations, which is strange.

8. Best – The Combat in Palworld

Palworld Combat
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

It is a bit controversial, yet the combat is satisfactory to what the gameplay presents with its creature-catching elements and violent encounters. It’s simple, but it gets the job done and then some. Of course, better equipment and skilled Pals enhance the combative moments in the game. The “It’s like Pokémon but with guns” debate feels played out once players discover the gameplay loop in Palworld. It’s probably not the most exciting gameplay to get lost in, but it’s enjoyable enough to keep the party going.

7. Worst – Where’s the Beat?

Palworld Boss Fight
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

In other words, where’s all the music in the game? There are snippets of music here and there in Palworld, but its absence is heavy and quite noticeable. Only when trouble occurs or when a transition happens does music play on, but only for those moments. It would be incredible to have something playing in the background while Pals attend to their tasks at a player-built base. But alas, players must lose themselves to the sounds of continuous hammers and kindling campfires.

Music can play a significant role in a video game, and Palworld desperately needs more.

6. Best – The Creature Designs

Palworld Pengullets at Work
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Despite some folks accusing developer Pocketpair of using artificial intelligence to generate the Pals, we can take a moment to appreciate some quirky designs. From the adorable Chikipi and Tanzee to the colossal Kingpaca and Mammorest, there are over 100 to discover and learn about throughout the Palpagos Islands. Running around with them is an amusing experience, too, especially during the times when we can feed them.

Sure, the monster designs may look a bit too akin to other creature-catcher video games, but it’s hard not to get over the delightful workforce these Pals can commit to.

5. Worst – Palworld‘s Tedious Crafting Mechanics

Palworld Disassemble Palbox at base
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

While building together a base is enjoyable, the crafting isn’t perfect. Aside from the crafting function, where players are forced to hold down a button to assemble structures and items, the approach is minimal and doesn’t provide enough depth to want to build more. Pieces don’t come together like glue, making the process annoying. It makes the whole base-building experience… mid, as the youth would say. Putting together structures together is a joy but incredibly below average.

4. Best – The Day and Night Cycle

Palworld Campsite Base with Kindling for Campfire
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Day and night are handled differently in Palworld, with the world falling into slumber when it darkens out. It changes the game’s pace while giving players a desolate perspective of the darkened world. At night, you can see specific structures light up while everything and everyone else blends into the shadows. It may signify that it’s bedtime, but the choice is up to the players if they wish to venture out at night. Of course, the Palpagos Islands light up when the sun arrives, starting up a new day of Pal-taming to undertake. It almost makes one forget how frustrating the game can be at times.

3. Worst – Drabby Dungeons

Palworld Worst Dungeon
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Playing through the dungeons in Palworld is dreadful. The copy-and-paste layout is apparent and repetitive; they’re dull, with few attractions to visit and enemies to slay. They may be necessary for the players to level up their characters, but the unstimulating action that ensures within them is an absolute drag. In kinder words, when considering the circumstances, the dungeons are just okay.

2. Best – The Story

Palworld Palpagos Islands and Story
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Believe it or not, Palworld has a narrative, and it’s a decent one at that. Mainly relying on journals for an epistolic approach to storytelling, Palworld‘s narrative centers on the inhabitants of the Palpagos Islands and its mysteries, including the erected Pal statues, the Towers, and the strange Yggdrasil-like tree that players can see in the distance. Along with the factions that reside on the islands, there is some drama to uncover, so long as you step outside the safety boundaries of your base. Is there a connection between the players and Charles Darwin and his adventures on the Galapagos Islands? Perhaps not, but players can expect some depth to explore by peeking into Palworld‘s story.

1. Worst – The Controversies Surrounding Palworld

Palworld Wandering Merchant
Image Credit: Pocketpair.

Palworld is a popular adventure, survival, and monster-taming game, but it hasn’t gone untouched by criticisms by players and critics. Aside from the plagiarism allegations and suspected use of A.I., the gameplay is similar to other survival games. While it’s easy to overlook the comparisons of Palworld to other intellectual properties, the criticisms can draw up a sour taste, depending on who picks up the game.

Even if Nintendo were to settle the mess with Pocketpair, Palworld lives on as a video game with questionable aspects, both within the game itself and its development. We even mentioned some of the listed issues in our early access preview of the game. Regardless, plenty of players are enjoying their time on the Palpagos Islands with their Pals, and more power to them. Palworld is a fun game, yet it’s not present without its issues.


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