How To Sell Pals and Items in Palworld

Palworld Sell Pals with Merchant
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Taming Pals is one thing to worry about in Palworld, but players must also keep a keen eye on their finances. Everyone needs to make a living, even those who reside on the Palpagos Islands. As such, players will need Gold Coins to conduct any transactions in the game, giving them an outlet to buy and sell Pals and items.

There’s no shortage of making some coin in Palworld, but how can players sell their unwanted creatures and articles? Luckily, the approach is pretty simple: It’s all a matter of knowing where to go and who to speak with. With this in mind, it’s time to make a mental checklist of what you’re prepared to let go of in Palworld.

How To Sell Pals and Items in Palworld

Palworld Small Settlement Pal Merchant
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Palworld players can sell their undesired Pals and items to any corresponding merchant who deals in specific trades. Wandering Merchants conduct their business with items, while Pal Merchants merely focus on the creatures and human NPCs that players have acquired. The Wandering Merchant comes in red and green varieties, while the Pal variants offer advanced schematics and resources. Moreover, the Black Marketeer, a rarer sight on the Palpagos Islands, is another source of income should players run into them in the game.

Every merchant is different in Palworld, and they all offer unique items. These range from new schematics and materials to powerful Pals and weapons, all with a price tag. It’s important to rack up as much Gold as possible if you’re looking to acquire some worthwhile items. It should be noted that investing in some of these items is suggested when traversing more challenging areas.

While merchants are stationed across the Palpagos Islands, players can rely on the Small Settlement location to find some accessible vendors. At the Small Settlement, there are two merchants, one a Wandering and the other a Pal. The Palpagos Island Defense Force (PIDF) protects the area, so being on your best behavior here is highly recommended. Otherwise, the PIDF will enforce some heavy offense upon you. Small Settlement is located in the middle of the Windswept Hills, northwest of the bones that sit south of the Grassy Behemoth Hills. Human NPCs occupy it, so you won’t need to worry about aggressive Pals attacking you or your Pal-taming mates.

Other areas you can check out to see a vendor include Marsh Island, Forgotten Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, and the Duneshelter. You can find them across the islands.

Expert tip

Sell rare materials! Throughout your journey in Palworld, you’ll continuously accumulate rare items that merchants will happily buy for a high price. These include but are not limited to Precious Entrails, Precious Pelts, Rubies, and other gemstones. It’s a quick way to make fast money when you’re low on expendable resources.

Palworld Small Settlement on Map
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While you can go out of your way to find a merchant on the islands, capturing a human NPC is another option. When a player entraps a merchant with a Pal Sphere, they can summon them at a base in Palworld. The merchant will conduct business as usual, as if their freedom still existed. Approach and interact with them after assigning them to a base; their wares are still available.

The Palworld map allows players to place icons; the map’s legend doesn’t highlight the vendors. Use this tool whenever you encounter one on the islands to see where they’re located quickly.


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