How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Palworld Boss Fight
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There are five bosses to defeat in Palworld, each with unique Pals and lengthy health bars to tackle. Encountering these formidable foes takes skill and enhanced stats even to stand a chance against them. It’s no easy task, which makes leveling up all the more necessary for players. But what if time isn’t on our side, and we need ways to level up fast in Palworld?

While every Pal tamer has their methods of obtaining copious amounts of experience points, there are some promising avenues to consider. Most of these pertain to your base in Palworld, yet the game offers multiple ways for players to gain plenty of experience.

How to Level up Fast in Palworld

Palworld Level Up Fast with Pal
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Palworld adventurers begin to level up as soon as they commence their journeys on the Palpagos Islands. The game provides simple ways for players to acquire experience points, such as capturing/killing Pals and enemies, collecting resources, building structures, and more. The trick is to create a loop with some of these actions, particularly with resources, at your base. By erecting specific crafting stations and assigning the appropriate Pals to them with recipes to assemble, players will automatically net experience points.

Known also as production structures, these lines of creation are the key to squeezing out as much experience as possible within a short period. These include but are limited to:

  • Berry Plantation (Technology Tier 5)
  • Cooking Pot (Technology Tier
  • High Quality Workbench (Technology Tier 11)
  • Mill (Technology Tier 15)
  • Primitive Furnace (Technology Tier 10)

Select a recipe with available resources by assigning Pals (with corresponding Work Suitability talents) to these stations at one of your bases in Palworld. They begin crafting, with each completed item going toward their XP bars and yours. The XP gain is tiny, yet the amount continuously increases as long as you stay at the base.

An example of the synergy works like this. A Pal with the Kindling ability can constantly cook food at a Campfire, while Pals with Watering and Planting talents can help plant and grow crops. Moreover, a couple of rotating Crushers can generate large amounts of Paldium Fragments and Fiber from the accumulated Stone at the Stone Pit. A Pal skilled with Handiwork can put together Nails thanks to all of the generated Ingots from a Primitive Furnace.

Expert tip

Keep a sharp eye on each Pal’s SAN levels while they work at a base. Low SAN levels can result in poor working habits and depression, the latter of which only can be cured with High Grade Medical Supplies.

Introduce Egg Incubators Into the Mix

Palworld Egg Incubators
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Pal Eggs are laid across the Palpagos Islands, on unattended nests, free for the taking. Players can find Pal Eggs by looking just about anywhere in the game. They’re located on cliffs, on the shores of a beach, within deep forests, and even on top of specific structures. It’s all a matter of going out and finding them. And all have their elements depending on the region in which they’re found. Frozen eggs are found in cold areas; rocky ones are from the more green and dry locations of the Palpagos Islands; scorching eggs are typically found around hot regions, etc.

Egg Incubator Recipe

Placing any of these into an Egg Incubator commences the maturation process. You might want to set up a few of these at a base since they can produce a big chunk of XP after a successful incubation. Of course, players must unlock the device first by attaining it through the Technology menu. It’s under the Ancient Technology line of items at Technology Tier 7. It only requires a few materials for one to assemble it: Paldium Fragments (x10), Cloth (x5), Stone (x30), and Ancient Civilization Parts (x2).

The approach is simple: collect as many Pal Eggs as you can carry, return to base, and place them into the Egg Incubators. Next, a timer will commence, informing you of the length it takes for the egg to mature fully. Combine this method with the working Pals at the base, and you’ll quickly start gaining non-stop XP. All you need to do is remain at the base and watch the numbers increase and your character level up. Furthermore, you can watch for any dangers that might invade the base. These include the human NPC factions that aren’t afraid to fire upon any opposing player and Pal. This can also be remedied by stationing a Pal at a Sandbag (Technology Tier 9), yet the choice is up to you.

Eliminate Alpha Pals to Level Up

The overworld bosses of Palworld, Alpha Pals live throughout the Palpagos Islands across many regions. These super-powered creatures are enhanced variants of their kind, presenting a more extensive health bar for players to deplete. A notable red icon also appears next to them, giving players a distinction to acknowledge. The XP gain is tremendously increased since they’re more significant, more powerful Pals. With this in mind, killing these Alpha Pals repeatedly is another method for creature catchers to consider. They also drop Ancient Civilization Parts, which are needed for some specific items in the game.

Players can find them throughout the Palpagos Islands and within caves and arena domains. Their icons appear on the map; use this as a reference to see which ones you can fight and vice versa. Furthermore, they will respawn after a short period, giving you ample opportunities to fight them almost whenever you’re ready. If you’re looking for a more engaging way to level up fast in Palworld, you might want to invest in loads of ammo to use when fighting the Alpha Pals.

Palworld boss encounter
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There are other ways to gain XP in Palworld quickly. Pal killing sprees are another method, as well as cooking marathons where Campsites and Cooking Pots are used to the max. These require ridiculous amounts of ingredients, yet the approach is up to you, the players. Whatever the case, it’s a long and strenuous road to attaining level 50 in Palworld (the game’s max), so be sure to use your resources as often as possible.


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